ILIA Aims to Aid Youth in Need of Mental Help During This Covid-19 Pandemic

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BALTIMORE - eTradeWire -- The Covid-19 pandemic has indeed impacted everyone's lives in numerous ways, both positive and negative. However youth's mental health, which has been majorly struck by this pandemic, is not being adequately addressed. Many teens who have been left with more spare time, now have room for more negative feelings; some have even developed serious mental issues.

ILIA recognizes that teens should keep themselves busy in order to make themselves feel as if they have a purpose in their lives: a reason to get up each and every morning. "By nature young folks are used to be active and to socialize…and being quarantined at home, that obviously has not made that very possible, so people start to feel a little bit disconnected from their circles and not very active prior to the covid era," stated Ayman Nassar, the founder and chief of academics and research at ILIA.

Although youth have had more free time, their mental health has declined because they aren't filling their time. "If we have more time it doesn't mean that we're in a better state mentally, we need to use that time to self motivate, to be inspired, to look forward to something new, and to set some challenges," advised Nassar. During these trying times teens should try their best to keep  busy and to challenge themselves. "Happiness occurs when people are slightly challenged, they have something to look forward to, to fix or solve."

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The Islamic Leadership Institute of America offers numerous opportunities and challenges for youth and even adults seeking them. One of these includes an internship working at ILIA. The internship program had been running since 2011, and has been online for a while, not just during Covid. As an ILIA intern one can learn tons of meaningful life skills that are not taught in schools. There is always a job available and ILIA welcomes you to join their internship program to see what you can do and how you can impact the world.

ILIA's Youth Crisis Line, which is the first Muslim operatied crisis line adressing the needs of muslims across America, is also available 24/7 for those who need it. All youth no matter what their background is, should feel free to reach out at any time for further support.

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