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LONDON - eTradeWire -- If you live in any of these places...Manchester, Oxford, Croydon, Liverpool,
Leicester, Nottingham, Glasgow, Northampton, Bristol and Birmingham, Then
chances are you know what this article is about but if not. Welcome to the wonderful
world of Dogging!
Dogging is English slang (See, Our upper lips are not the only thing that is stiff
around here!) for either watching people doing or yourself taking part in, sexual acts
in a public or semi public place where there is a risk of getting caught. Participants
can range from a couple alone, a couple with one or more watchers or an entire orgy
in the pleasant English countryside.
Those places I mentioned above just happen to be in order, the top 10 places for
dogging in the UK. Whilst the original meaning of dogging was for someone to watch
a couple having sex in a car it has evolved with the internet to being a very popular

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pastime with meets being arranged online to get the maximum amount of
participation. Whilst dogging itself is not a particular event that is illegal, people
taking part can be prosecuted under the umbrella of voyeurism, exhibitionism and
public displays of sexual behaviour. The common law to be used for prosecution is
Outraging of public decency.
So if you want to take part then here are some rules for dogging that will help you
follow the Dogging etiquette set forth by the community:
1) Use protection, It may sound silly but these people are usually strangers so
safe sex is a priority, a lot of doggers take extra to hand out because Sharing
is caring!
2) Do not engage in dogging where children and innocent passers-by may be, It's
just manners.
3) Do not trespass or destroy public property not only is it just wrong but it may
attract police attention and the site would become unusable.
4) Tidy up after yourself! No used condoms or rubbish on the floor, Let's keep

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Britain tidy!
5) Stay away from areas known for drugs and prostitution, While typically Taboo
the dogging community tend to be nice normal people who do not want the
danger of undesirable people trying to get involved.
6) If you are watching, NEVER touch without explicit permission from the
participants it is one of the most important rules.
7) If someone wants you to watch they will flash their interior lights, if they allow
you to join in then they will roll down a window but again..ask for permission.

Chief Executive of http://www.Sexscort.com , Frank Dethridge, Said " Some
couples are looking for a little excitement outside of the bedroom, dogging gives
them a sense of naughtiness where others can be invited in if they choose."

Holly Jones

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