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NEW YORK - eTradeWire -- The Find Your ID NYC ( Identity Podcast delivered another electric and thought-provoking show this past Wednesday night as hosts Tarik and Caleb hosted an Earth Day Special in honor of Earth Week!

The last episode featured a star-studded cast for the Identity Podcast Earth Day Special! Featuring Tom, Lisa, Elizabeth, Lesley, and Casandra, hosts Tarik and Caleb welcomed all and were grateful for their excitement to discuss Earth Week, educating the youth on sustainability, how to live a sustainable lifestyle, and pinpointing the systematic problems.

Lesley Webb is a Virginia Beach native who is passionate about environmental conservation and sustainability. As a sustainability advocate and environmental activist, she spreads her knowledge on reducing waste and lowering your carbon footprint to reduce your impact on the environment. She currently spreads her knowledge as a Sustainability Editor for Peacesake Candles & Co.

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Tom Duncanson has been a committed environmentalist since attending the first Earth Day in 1970. He has written about ecology as a problematic science, the rhetoric of economics as an entryway into green economics, social and moral authority in environmental advocacy, comic environmental documentaries, and a miscellany of other topics including the Flint, Michigan water disaster, a local anti-coal mine campaign, divestment as a climate strategy, and the 2017 London Fatberg.

Lisa Betty is a Ph.D. Candidate in History at Fordham University. She teaches on themes of labor, migration, and diaspora in the Americas, the Caribbean, and Africa. She has worked in the field of nonprofit advocacy serving in organizations that advocate for children, families, immigrants, and incarcerated people.  Lisa leads antiracist teaching training and workshops.

Garbage Gang is a community-led organization with a mission to inspire humans to care for the planet and become less wasteful. Their mission is to educate on trash etiquette and to empower the masses through their waste habits by sharing simple steps on how to become a sustainable part of nature. Casandra Carmelina is the founder of @garbagegangca.

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Elizabeth Lindburg is a sustainable lifestyle designer and creative entrepreneur. Lindburg focuses on these morals: Discover - Preserve - Polish - Cherish.

FYID NYC's podcast allows viewers, listeners, guests, and even the hosts to further examine the meaning of "identity."

Identity rounds out the month with the next episode on April 28th at 7:15 p.m. EST on Find Your ID NYC's Facebook, the Identity Podcast's YouTube, and Twitch pages. Viewers can listen to the show on all streaming platforms including FYID NYC's Anchor ( podcast page and on Spotify (

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