"iCrime Uber" by Ian Purdie is published

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"iCrime Uber" by Ian Purdie is published

About the Book:

A computer hacker and a Wall Street stock broker join forces to rip off all the world's banks. They manage to steal between 1500 - 1600 trillion dollars (at that exalted level, the figures keep dancing around) effectively bankrupting the planet.

Then, the aliens who are really running our world, abduct them to make demands and offer them a deal.

Excerpt from the book:

"That's enough! Stop digging!" they were commanded.

They stood back and watched in horror as two of the bodies were dumped into the holes they'd dug.

"Now, cover them!"

They complied. Jonas tried not to look at the body he was burying but couldn't help noticing deep gashes where the internal organs had been removed. Unable to control himself he vomited into the shallow grave.

This caused his captors to laugh heartily.

After they'd both dug and filled a second grave they were reattached to the disinterested camel and led back the way they'd come.

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While he'd been digging the second grave, Hamad had unearthed an unusually shaped stone. Unnoticed by his bored captors, he'd managed to manoeuvre it within reach and sequestered it into a fold within his sweat drenched pants.

The stone had a sharp edge and as they were led back through the desert, he used it to cut through the rope securing them to the ambling dromedary ahead. Their cursing, blaspheming captors were distracted arguing with each other and didn't waste their attention on their young prisoners.

As soon as the rope was severed, the two boys quietly disappeared behind an enormous sand dune."

About the Author:

Ian Purdie was born at Te Kopuru, New Zealand in 1957. He graduated from Otago University in 1978 and spent the next 40 years travelling the world, playing music. He rose to national prominence in Australia in 1995 with an anti-nuclear song called 'French Letter'. He is currently teaching English in HCMC, Vietnam.

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Other books by Ian Purdie include:

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Splatterpuss  (ASIN: B07CZ1VKGQ)

The Book of Nasty (ISBN: 978-0648293361)

Pyramid Asia (ISBN: 978-0992548728)

Dragon This (ISBN: 978-1326641207)

iCrime Uber by Ian Purdie is available in paperback from Amazon UK at:


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