How we built a frontend community in a million-person city

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At the Meta/conf meetups we have a tradition. Every time we change the location of where we hold them. Evrone's React developers build beautiful and fluid user interfaces for JavaScript applications.

SAN FRANCISCO - eTradeWire -- Frontend is the first impression that we get from any product, whether it's web or mobile. How to hold this first meeting with the product so that the user gets the only positive impression from your application or service, and gets amazed by its speed and reliability?

To find an answer to that question and find out what is going on in the frontend world we have held the Frontend meetup, which was a part of the Meta/conf conference. You can get an impression of the event and listen to the reviews of the attendees in the video report that we have prepared.

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Why choose React for your business project

The React interfaces we develop are fluid and responsive. Along with React, we use the Redux and MobX libraries to manage the application state, as well as GraphQL (Apollo) and JsonAPI to communicate with the server.

The React apps and websites that we developed for our clients include both MVPs for startups, and huge multi-user media portals. The interface of any product created with the help of Evrone works perfectly.

Learn more about the building of the front-end community in a million-person city.

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