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How to Succeed in Competitive Network Marketing

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TORONTO - eTradeWire -- You have to know what you are doing if you want to be successful in network marketing. Many people think it is just sales and advertising, or like the Tupperware or Avon Lady, but that is not even close to what it really is. It is a little bit of both, but also so much more.

So, what is network marketing? It is a way of marketing that uses other reps to get to the customers that they cannot reach. With network marketing, you will advertise to your friends and those who follow you online, on behalf of the company you are networking for. For example, if you are networking for Apple, you would be posting info and blogs about Apple products on your social networking pages as well as your friends, and your friends' friends. You can also use testimonial about how great the products are because you actually use them and they are worth every penny. Your goal would be to sell Apple Products and recruit others to do what you are doing.

Pick Something You Believe In

So, how do you decide what company or product you want to network for? Choose something you believe in. In other words, do not choose a company that sells guns if you are anti-gun. You may not have to love the product or service, but if you are really against it, people can tell...

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