How To Create The Perfect Basement Living Room

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TORONTO - eTradeWire -- A large majority of people who have a basement do not understand how to properly use the leftover space. Basements are often used for storage and privacy needs, seeing as they're typically much quieter than the other rooms inside of the house. With this being said, basements can suit a variety of other needs, too, including a playroom, fitness area, or second living room. With a couple inventive design choices, your basement could be an area where you spend additional quality time with your loved ones. Lions Den Construction has put together a list of some creative ideas that will turn your small basement into the ideal living space.

Basic Living Room

If your basement is smaller than the other spaces in your house, there are some changes you can do to make it stand out. A good way to start is by painting the walls white or a light color to make the room appear more open-concept. You can also use white accents, furniture, or fabrics to create the look of a more spacious room.

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If you're not sure about what furniture and decor would suit your home best, our Toronto interior design experts would love to assist you!

Warm Family Room

For a room that creates a general energy of comfort and serenity, the family room type style is considered the greatest idea. Opt for soft colors, warm couches, and plenty of different lights to soften up the space. You can use wall paintings in pastel or other light colors to create a…

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