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How to Become a Legit iOS app developer

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NEW YORK - eTradeWire -- iOS application is an interesting niche to join as a developer. There are more than 2 million applications available in Apple App Store, with new ones appearing on the market and old ones demanding support and further growth.

Becoming an iOS developer is one of the possible career paths for those who want to enter the world of software engineering and development. GBKSOFT, an iOS app development company in Ukraine, shares what steps you should take to fulfill this goal.

Get acquainted with iOS development

To develop applications for the iOS system (iPhone/iPad), firstly, you need to understand the specifics of software development in general. Of course, if you have previously worked with different systems, you can easily miss this step. However, if you are new to this profession, you need to research the industry and understand if it is a good fit for your personality.

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Research key languages

iOS development implies using main programming language — Swift. Xcode, an integrated development environment, is also worth attention. There is a lot of debate inside the community about what language is better, more efficient, and which has already become outdated. However, we suggest you research both of them, as the extensive knowledge and skillset will help you to land the best job offers.

Enroll in relevant courses

Modern informal education has a lot to offer to those who seek to master a new profession. Technical courses aren't an exception, and you can easily find a course online or offline where you can start from basics and grow your competencies as an IOS developer over time. Some educational platforms or institutions even offer the guidance through employment process and are ready to connect willing employers with newbies in software development.

Develop a per project

An eternal struggle of job hunting: you need the experience to apply for your first job in the field, but to get experience, you need to have a job. At the same time, there is a loophole you can leverage. Initiate and create your pet project, the goal of which will be to show your skills, expertise, and dedication to the idea of becoming a professional iOS developer. As a result, you will have a portfolio to share while speaking with possible employers.



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