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How Noizend Shield Could Improve Property Values and Returns

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Real Figures on Impact of Noise on Property including how Noise Affects Rental Turnover

SYDNEY - eTradeWire -- We all know that noise such as traffic noise or railway noise adversely affects property values. It is interesting to see some actual numbers as to how excessive noise reduces property values. But it is not only property sales, noise also affects rentals and the turnover of rental listings. Here is an extract from an article that puts actual numbers to the adverse effect of chronic traffic and rail noise for properties.

"Then there's the more pragmatic issue of house prices. A report by Natural England found that a single decibel increase in road traffic noise reduced the selling price of a property in Birmingham, UK, by between 0.18 and 0.55 percent. As for the rental market, which is more fluid, Ben mentions a previous study in Australia that discovered that rental properties exposed to higher transport noise levels have a 69% higher turnover of tenants. "For a landlord, that's more time with your house vacant, costing you money," he adds."

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Noizend is developing the use of active noise control to provide a solution for chronic low frequency noise which we call the Noizend Shield. Low frequency sound waves will be significantly cancelled by the Noizend Shield creating an anti-sound wave which reduces the noise considerably. This will be an active system compared to current passive structures.

Our long term objective is to use active noise control technology in our Noizend Shield to:

1. Contain noise within enclosed spaces such as live music venues or noisy on-site industrial plant & equipment;


2. Preventing noise coming into spaces such as into houses and gardens or into apartments.

"In due course the positive impact on property prices from reduced noise will be seen in house prices for noisy locations and also reduced rental turnover for similar locations. Just as important is the benefit of reduced noise for everyone and consequently improvement in quality of life," said Paul Monsted CEO and Managing Director of Noizend Pty Ltd.

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About Noizend

Noizend Pty Ltd is a new Australian company established to reduce chronic low frequency noise that adversely affects everyone. This will be done by use of active noise control as used in noise cancelling headphones but in wider environments. Noizend is working in collaboration with the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) at its specialised Centre for Audio, Acoustics and Vibration facility in Sydney Australia.

Link to article is https://www.here.com/learn/blog/noise-mapping.

Media Contact
Paul Monsted
CEO and Managing Director

Source: Noizend Pty Ltd
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