How moving online helped us scale regional meetups

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So, what will future meetups look like? We want to take advantage of the best of both versions. Safe meetups will be held offline for those who want to get together in-person.

SAN FRANCISCO - eTradeWire -- One of the group of development offices of Evrone around the world is located in Voronezh. We have a large, active technical community, and we wanted to create an alternative to the big conferences for developers. So we came up with Meta/Conf, which is a series of IT meetups that allow us to get together, discuss technologies, and find like-minded people. Instead of "industry celebrities'', we strive to attract practicing, but not so well-known, developers, to discuss current issues and technologies.

In 2019, all of our events were held offline, but we still gathered participants from several neighboring regions. However, 2020 had a very strong impact on the event industry and we had to digitalize. We were able to turn crisis moments into growth points, figure out how to host the event online, and scale a series of small regional meetups into a more extensive online conference.

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When we realized in March 2020 that the whole concept of Meta/Conf would have to be changed, it was difficult. Despite the state of the world, we were expected to organize and conduct a programming & software development conference from scratch. We had so many questions and took some risks, but in the end, we were able to find a successful format and a reliable platform, and did not disappoint those who came for new and interesting information.

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