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How do you expand the life of your human hair wig?

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HOLLYWOOD, Calif. - eTradeWire -- Although wigs have a certain lifespan, some tips can keep your wigs longer. Please continue reading:

1.Some factors that affect hair life
Choose a high-quality wig
There are many brands on the market that provide human wigs, no matter which channel you buy from (Amazon, Google, aliexpress), it is important to choose a high-quality wig , which can make your hair last for a long time. How to choose high-quality hair? Our Papayahair human hair is 100% human hair. The wigs are cut from a donor, and they are made through strict screening. It is a good choice to buy wigs from Papayahair for the human hair wig products that came out.

Hair texture type
There are many kinds of hair textures, straight hair, body wave, kinky curly, afro curly, deep wave ect. Straight hair and body wave hair are the easiest to keep. Curly hair is shaped by some techniques, which will definitely damage the protein layer of the hair, so the use time will be shorter.

Hair length
Short hair may last longer than long hair. This is because the longer the hair, the greater the friction with clothes, etc., which is more likely to cause wear.

Hair color
Our natural hair is black, and the colored hair is made from black hair bleached and then dyed. During the production process, the hair has been damaged a bit more than black hair. Therefore, naturally black hair lasts longer than colored hair.

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Whether it is textured hair or colored hair, it can be maintained for a long time after a good care.

2. Care tips for human hair wigs

Wash wigs properly
Usually the wigs that need to be washed before the first use. In daily use, if you don't use wigs often, you don't need to wash your hair too often. If you use wigs frequently, you can clean your human hair wigs according to the usual routine of washing your natural hair.

Restyle your wig
Do not often use hot tools to restyle your wigs. Human Hair wigs use real human hair. We also know that frequent use of hot tools to style our hair will cause certain damage to the hair and reduce restyle wig, which can be effective extend the service life of the wig.

Stored correctly
When you are not using a wig, putting the wig on a wig holder or a human-shaped mannequin can help maintain the style of the wig. If you do not wear a wig for a long time, you can put the wig in the net to keep the shape and cleanness of your hair.

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