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How CCTV Offers Business Owners Greater Confidence in Safety

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Do you remember the scene in our country in early June of 2020? If you don't here's a reminder. A black man by the name of George Floyd had just lost his life when a Minnesota police officer leaned on his neck for in excess of 8 minutes. While this event might not have much to do with your business, what it triggered in the following days might give you cause to think.

HOUSTON - eTradeWire -- Without debating who was right or who was wrong in the George Floyd case, we can definitely see the danger it posed to businesses in many of our nation's large cities by way of the riots that followed. While some of the demonstrators may have been present to give their voice, others were there to take what they could. Destruction and looting was rampant, and many business owners of all races lost their livelihoods.

How Could CCTV Have Helped Looting Victims?

Would CCTV have prevented looters from destroying property and stealing from victims? Most likely not. However, insurance claims can be verified and processed much more quickly when presented with video footage, leading to business owners getting back on their feet faster.

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How Does CCTV Help Prevent Everyday Theft?

Yes, sadly, theft is an everyday problem. Whether you are looking at your customers or even your own employees, shoplifting accounts for up to 70% of your inventory shrinkage.

You may think that CCTV is only beneficial after a theft has occurred, in order to identify the culprit and hopefully regain what was lost. While that is certainly a great motivator to invest in CCTV, some may still hold back, thinking of the damage that would have been done from the theft anyway, and the cost of fixing what may have been broken for the thief to gain access to your property.

Consider this: When are drivers most likely to drive the speed limit on the highway? When they see a police officer, of course. Likewise, a thief will most likely to be deterred from stealing if they see a camera watching them. No one wants to get caught. So, just the appearance of your safety system can save you from crime before it happens.

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