High-Tech Health Company Celebrates One-Year Anniversary of Its CBD Product Line

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CBD maximum absorption product line benefits customers across the US. Company's journey to product development. Introduces ultra-nanosizing to the marketplace.

SALEM, Utah - eTradeWire -- High-tech health company Simplinano, LLC (https://simplinano.com) announced today its one-year anniversary since the launch of a product line that highlights their CBD Daily Wellness Cream. This cream is applied to the skin to deliver the health benefits of CBD and glutathione. A proprietary Triple Diamond Nanotechnology™ process ultra-nanosizes the molecules of its ingredients for maximum absorption in the body.

"CBD and glutathione consumers want purity, potency, and high absorption," said Moy Chambers, CEO of Simplinano. "We answer all three with the technology we bring to our manufacturing processes."

Simplinano's leadership learned about the powerful benefits of CBD and glutathione and set out to find a quality product to promote. However, they quickly discovered it either takes a lot of product or a much better delivery system to get the amounts needed for the body. Simplinano's leadership got scientists together from the US, France, Thailand, and India to verify a sophisticated processing technology that solves these problems. Simplinano then worked with scientists to formulate a premium product using this unique delivery system.

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Taken orally, the benefits of ingredients are minimized as those ingredients must pass through the digestive system. Applied topically, benefits are minimized as ingredient molecules are too large for complete absorption. Nanotechnology, a process that works with very small molecules, had already been used successfully in the cosmeceuticals industry. Yet,  Simplinano's leadership was convinced there was a better way to get more absorption. Through research, Simplinano found a process that uses diamonds and high pressure to further reduce the size of molecules (ultra-nanosizing), making them much more available to the body's cells than typical nanosizing.

This Triple Diamond Nanotechnology™ is used for Simplinano's maximum absorption line of CBD and glutathione products. Currently available in the US, this product line is helping many Americans get the benefits they have been searching for. You can learn more about these products at Simplinano.com.

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About Simplinano
Simplinano is a high-tech health, wellness, and beauty products company based in Salem, Utah. It offers products ultra-nanosized by Triple Diamond Nanotechnology™ for maximum absorption. This delivery system, coupled with pure ingredients and pharmaceutical grade manufacturing, makes Simplinano a primary choice for premium supplement products. For more information, contact us at info@simplinano.com or visit http://simplinano.com.

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