He Comes at Night: Canadian Suspense short film premieres at LA Shortsfest July 6th

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TORONTO - eTradeWire -- Canadian suspense short film He Comes at Night has its world premiere at LA Shorts International Film Festival on Tuesday July 6, 2021. A Festival Pass gets you access to the film and the complete lineup during the month of July for only $2.99.

Georgia Rickerby, stars as Alexa, an anxious eight-year-old from a fractured home who wakes up to the terrifying realization that the monster under her bed may be real. This tense and atmospheric exploration of childhood fears and imagination will leave you afraid to turn out the lights.

"I love how movies like Alien and Jurassic Park build suspense by only showing brief glimpses of the creatures, and hiding them in shadow, so I took a similar approach with He Comes at Night. Nicholas Eddie, who is 6'8'', spent hours in the makeup chair to play the monster, we only get brief glimpses of him, but it makes those moments much more terrifying and impactful.

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It was important to me that we authentically captured what it feels like to be that age," says writer-director Joseph Covello. "I wanted Alexa fears to be rooted in the tension between her parents, and Mallory Holmes brought a lot of nuance to her portrayal of Rosemary, Alexa's mother, with a mix of love, anger and exhaustion. Sometimes as adults we can minimize what kids are feeling or imagining, but by filming from Alexa's perspective, with the camera underneath the bedsheets, it really helps bring you into her headspace. For adult audience members it will remind them of a time when they were afraid of those bumps in the night, and I think it makes you realize how powerful and long-lasting those emotions can be.

We shot the film in my childhood bedroom. So, I can remember waking up in the middle of the night at that same age, looking in the same shadowy corners of the room and wondering if something was going to reach out and get me. Georgia gives a tremendous performance in the film capturing that childhood terror. Georgia knew the script inside and out, down to minute details like the messy braids described in the script, which she styled herself. Despite what you see on screen Georgia wasn't afraid of anything, and we had a great time working together."

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The film stars Georgia Rickerby, Mallory Holmes and Nicholas Eddie. Joseph Covello is Writer, Director and Editor, Krystle Ferdinand is Producer, Steven McDonnell is Director of Photography, and Renee Lunau is Special Effects Makeup Artist.

Buy Tickets: www.lashortsfest.com/watch
Watch the Trailer: https://youtu.be/IZFbFsujfhs

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