Harrow House Films to Release the Horror/Thriller Aged

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LOS ANGELES - eTradeWire -- Harrow House Films will be releasing the horror/thriller Aged on VOD June 15, 2023. Written and directed by Anubys Lopez, Aged stars Morgan Boss-Maltais (Netflix's The Sleepover), Carla Kidd (Lifetime's #TextMeWhenYouGetHome), and Dave McClain (Maverick Entertainment's Platinum). The Aged synopsis reads: After taking a temporary job as a caregiver, a young woman realizes her employer and the house have a dangerous, dark past. Lopez previously wrote and directed the horror film, Those Who Call, which was released by Uncork'd Entertainment earlier this year and can now be seen on digital platforms such as Tubi and Amazon Prime.

When discussing Aged, writer/director Anubys Lopez says, "Aged is a chilling story that will immerse audiences in a nightmarish world of suspense and terror. Set against the backdrop of a decaying old house, the movie tells the harrowing tale of a young woman who unknowingly steps into a sinister world of darkness when she takes on the role of a caregiver for an elderly woman. With each passing day, the young woman's interactions with her enigmatic employer grow more unnerving. Strange occurrences begin to unfold, challenging her perception of reality and plunging her into a nightmarish descent. Mysterious sounds, glimpses of shadowy figures, apparitions, and a pervasive sense of dread turn the once-promising job into a living nightmare."

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Anubys Lopez is a film director and writer from Houston, Texas. His works are usually in the horror or thriller genre and are based on true events or small town's folklore. He is known for having abrupt, shocking or unexpected endings to his films. All his films are made purposely to make audiences feel uneasy and uncomfortable. He believes horror should be more psychological than physical, and films are scarier and more relatable if it could happen to the viewer.

Harrow House films was founded in 2020 by Anubys Lopez, Alex Mirabal and Cinthia Bravo. The production company is based out of Houston, Texas. With a penchant for crafting tales rooted in haunting folklore, Harrow House Films skillfully weaves narratives that blur the line between reality and the macabre.

With an unwavering commitment to delivering unsettling and discomforting experiences to their audience, they employ a unique approach to storytelling, deliberately aiming to make viewers feel uneasy and on edge throughout their films. By delving into the depths of psychological horror, they transcend mere jump scares and gory visuals, focusing instead on the deep-seated fears that lurk within the human psyche.

Watch the Aged trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YcWzKt3HwUA

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