HAMA Blocking Reagent for Immunoassays

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SAN DIEGO - eTradeWire -- Moelcular Depot introduces a new HAMA Blocking Reagent for Immunoassays.
The presence in human serum of Human Anti-Mouse antibodies (HAMA) is a major concern in immunoassays. Indeed, HAMA are often associated with inaccurate results and false positives because they can bind to both capture and detection antibodies and can generate non-specific immunoassay signals. The provided HAMA Blocking Reagent specifically binds to HAMA, minimizing their interference and significantly reducing the number of false positives. Simply spike our HAMA Blocking Reagent into your immunoassay reagent(s) to 5-50 ug/mL (optimum concentration is assay dependent).

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Catalog #  A2010010NP
Size  10 mg
Other Names  Heterophilic Immunoglobulin Blocking Reagent
Concentration  2 mg/mL
Purity  Partially purified
Storage  2-8°C (short term). -20°C (long term). Avoid repeated freeze-thaw.
Supplied as  Liquid solution
Buffer  PBS 1x + 40% Glycerol
Keywords  HAMA

More information about this product at this product's web address: https://moleculardepot.com/product/hama-blocking-reagent/

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Source: Molecular Depot LLC
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