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CHARLESTON, S.C. - eTradeWire -- Former youngest American to travel to every country in the world, Sal Lavallo, just launched a groundbreaking new travel app called Rayka that allows you to follow friends and socialites for unique recommendations on amazing places to discover. Lavallo and Rayka co-founders have built a social platform that not only facilitates connections between explorers and locals alike, but also gives value to individual recommendations. With a world full of knowledge, Lavallo is determined to broaden peoples' realities and provoke global curiosity through Rayka, which is designed to push people out into the world, rather than deeper into their phones.

With a similar passion for travel, Rayka co-founder, Landon Sanford, reached out to Lavallo voicing his frustrations concerning the lack of an efficient method for sharing travel recommendations with friends and family. Lavallo resonated with this irritation considering he was asked for travel tips around 100 times per week, with no compilation system for his hundreds of recommendations.

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Lavallo and Sanford knew there had to be a more productive way of sharing their favorite places, and that it could be found on one authentic platform. Lavallo joined the team and invested, which single-handedly changed the direction of the app and helped provide some of the validation needed in order to raise one million dollars in funding. A shared vision was created and Rayka was born: a platform full of trustworthy and organic recommendations from real people. By allowing you to follow travel experts of all kinds, recommendations are curated to your individual tastes and are easier to discover. Rayka combines the social components of your network with the functionality of personalized recommendations.

According to the American Society of Travel Agents, in 2016 millennials took 44% more holiday time and trips than the average baby boomer. As millennial travel continues to increase, the need for credible travel advice has never been more pressing: 40% of reviews found on the internet are either fake or paid for.

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"The 5-star rating system is outdated. I am a Yelp Elite and I leave tons of reviews. Regardless, I still constantly get asked for recommendations and it's a bit cumbersome responding individually with my lists. I would rather have an app people can follow me on: Rayka finally solves that," says Yelp Elite Member.

Rayka's mission is to inspire the explorer in you. To join the Rayka community, simply download Rayka from the app store and create your profile. Once on the app, you'll have access to local and global "raykammendations" and will be able to create wish lists inspired by your personal tastes and enjoy experiences that fit your personality. Be sure to create your lists of recommendations so that anytime someone asks you where to go, you can just say "follow me on Rayka".


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