Grand Canyon April 2020 UM GeoTour

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Universal Model (UM) SIGHTSEEING UM GeoTours offer Once in a Lifetime Adventures....

LAS VEGAS - eTradeWire -- Join UM GeoTours! on one of our Worldwide Sightseeing Adventures Geological Tours centered on Universal Model Science and explore subject matter most never get to see or experience. An absolutely amazing experience you must do.

The Most Knowledgeable, Experienced Guides. Our GeoTour Tour Guides are the Author and Editor of the Universal Model along with local guides familiar with the area - so you get the full Sightseeing GeoTour Experience, applying education, knowledge and understanding while seeing, touching, discussing, journaling and connecting with the Earth's natural beauty.

Our first UM Sightseeing GeoTour Adventure practically sold out in one weekend.  We keep the size of our GeoTour groups intentionally small so we can maximize your travel experience and attend to our guests interests and any special needs such as food restrictions.

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The purpose of science is to describe and explain Nature so that we can understand and comprehend it, but where do we learn these things simply, in a way that makes sense? For many decades, a number of incorrect theories and misleading philosophies have formed the foundation of 'modern' science.

Now, newly discovered scientific truths in the Universal Model have revealed long-hidden natural laws that explain Nature's workings in an easily comprehensible format. We invite all to explore and experience the adventure of learning by investigating new discoveries about the Earth and our Universe found in the UM.

These scientific truths establish a New Millennial Science destined to take us through the current millennium to heights of knowledge and discovery never before imagined. UM consists of a three volume book containing thousands of images and science journal references. The UM is a living document , full of new scientific truths and ongoing, continuous research and discovery.

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