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Google Gemini to Pause Operations after Major Blunder

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WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, N.C. - eTradeWire -- Google has temporarily halted the image-generation feature of its AI tool, Gemini, in response to criticism over its generation of historically inaccurate images that incorrectly depicted racial identities, often substituting people of color for White individuals. This issue highlights the ongoing challenges AI technologies face in accurately understanding and representing racial concepts. Similar criticisms have been directed at OpenAI's Dall-E, accused of perpetuating racial and ethnic stereotypes but Google Gemini has went far beyond what Dall-E had generated.

Gemini, which, like other AI models such as ChatGPT, is trained on extensive online data, reflects the racial and gender biases inherent in its training material. This was demonstrated when CNN prompted Gemini to generate an image of a pope, resulting in images of non-White individuals. Similarly, The Verge reported that Gemini produced images of people of color in response to a request for "1943 German Soldier."

Google acknowledged the problem, stating on X (formerly Twitter) that they are working on improving Gemini's image generation to avoid such biases and inaccuracies, with plans to re-release the feature once it has been refined.

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Further complicating the situation, Google's defense of Gemini's broad diversity in image generation was met with skepticism, especially after varied responses to prompts for culturally specific images showcased inconsistencies in the AI's understanding of race and ethnicity.

This incident underscores the broader industry challenge of ensuring AI technologies do not perpetuate existing biases, and it marks a setback for Google in the competitive field of generative AI, following a previous incident where an AI tool provided incorrect information during a demonstration.

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