Golf Studio in Your Own Home - The Newest Luxury Home Item!

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Who doesn't what to play golf all winter! Let InHome Golf set you up the most amazing in home golf studio you could ever imagine!

TORONTO - Aug. 21, 2018 - eTradeWire -- Build your dream golf studio right in your own home.

Whether your golf vision is a private indoor golf oasis in your home, the coveted ultimate man-cave, or a simple practice space for winter golf in your garage – InHome Golf will help you design and build your golf dream.

There are many Golf 'Simulator' companies out there and most will try to fit you into their cookie cutter layouts. InHome Golf allows you to design and build the indoor golf room that you actually want and we'll supply as much or as few of the components as necessary for you. No restrictions!

Golf Simulators are a growing business! We all love golf and would play every day if time, weather and careers allowed us to!!

Here are a few things to avoid when you're in the planning stages:

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  1. Today's golf simulators use home-theatre quality projectors that can be easily incorporated with home automation and other devices such as X-Box, Blu-Ray and Satellite TV. Be careful not to plan for speakers around the screen. You should assume that every inch of space forward of the ball will be struck eventually.
  1. Typically we see turf throughout the simulator room with an inset strike mat. That means you'll need a subfloor installed. So if you're room has infloor heating, or other special needs lets identify them early on so we can plan accordingly.
  2. Room Size is the single biggest concern. Different tracking devices require different room sizes and some are more flexible than others. Don't build first and explore later.

Talking with the professionals before building could save you a TON of frustration down the road.

Let's discuss your project today and make sure you're in the fairway, not the rough!

James Laidlaw

James Laidlaw

Source: InHome Golf Studios And Simulators

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