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Goldmoney Account Types | Personal vs Wealth Account | How to Get the Goldmoney Gold Card

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We will cover the basics of Goldmoney accounts - the different account types, where your gold is stored, as well as the most popular feature - the Goldmoney mastercard. We'll show you how to apply for a master card as well as how to use it.

NEW YORK - March 13, 2019 - eTradeWire -- Goldmoney is an investing platform that lets you buy gold & other precious metals and store them in vaults around the world. All of their precious metals are fully allocated in bullion. When you buy 1 gram of gold you own 1 gram of gold bullion.

Over the course of several years, Goldmoney has made several changes to their platform and membership levels. There are 3 types of accounts you can have, and they are personal account, a holding account and a wealth account. This info is not clearly explained on their website and can cause confusion for current customers and potential customers.

We have written a blog post that describes in detail what are the differences between these accounts and a breakdown of the advantages and disadvantages of each one. This information is good for you if you are considering opening a Goldmoney account but not sure how to start.

How to Apply for a Goldmoney Prepaid Card

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The prepaid mastercard is one of the most popular features of Goldmoney. The minimum requirement is that you must have $1,000 in your balance - it can be a mixture of cash and precious metals. The application process is easy, you just need to submit a form with proof of ID.

There are 2 types of cards you can get: the plastic card and the gold-plated card. The metal is plated with gold and it will cost money to get it. Most people will get the plastic one. They both operate the same way, but if you are rich and want to get a good looking card, the gold-plated card is for you.

We cannot cover all the details in this press release. To get the step by step process to get the prepaid card, visit our blog at the link below.


How to Load Your Goldmoney Card

Your prepaid card works like any debit or credit card - use it to purchase  goods and services. Some people use it in restaurants, others use it for shopping and groceries. You can use it however you want, since they made it convenient and easy to use.

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After your application is approved, you should receive the prepaid card in the mail in 3-5 business days. For some people, it might take a little longer. Before you use the cards, you have to load it with cash. Loading is a simple 2 step process. First you need to sell some of your gold or precious metals. After the transaction is completed, load your card balance with your fiat balance.

To get details on these steps, please visit our blog below.


Where is Your Gold Stored?

Your gold bullion is stored in one of several vaults they have operating around the world. At the time of purchasing precious metals, you can choose which vault you want to use. Your choice of vaults will depend on which metal you want to buy - gold, silver, platinum or palladium. Each vault. Each one has a different storage fee, so obviously you'd choose the cheapest option, which is London.

To learn more about Goldmoney accounts and how they work, please visit our blog for an in-depth analysis:


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