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Global Women Transformation Summit Speakers

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Shannon Peel will be speaking about changing the narrative from victim to hero

VANCOUVER, British Columbia - eTradeWire -- Women's voices were silenced for Millenia and today, our voices are being heard as we tell our stories of perseverance and resilience in a rapidly changing world.

In the life span of one generation the role of women changed in the home and in the workforce. These women have passed the torch on to the next generation who are stepping up and sharing their stories so we can understand what challenges we still face as we transform the world from a masculine domain to one of balance between the genders. Shannon Peel is one such woman who has taken up the torch and lends her voice to the story of women at the Global Women Transformation Summit.

This free to attend summit showcases speakers who will share their stories, provide insight into their struggles for equality, and their dreams for tomorrow.

Shannon Peel will be sharing her story about losing everything she was scared to lose and how changing her narrative from victim to hero language gave her the strength to climb out of her mud pit of life and reverse her fortunes. "How we tell our story is more important than what story we tell because it isn't the intent of our message that matters, it is the interpretation of it that determines how we will be seen by others." says Shannon.

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Global Women Transformation Summit.
Nov 29th to Dec 8th 2022

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Removing Barriers to Success.

Shannon Peel is a brand storyteller who helps people define their stories and tell them to their ideal audiences. Her personal story is one of loss, transformation, resiliency, and perseverance. She shares it using hero language to provide hope and inspiration to those who are struggling in the world and feel beaten down by others. To learn more about her and her story, go to https://marketapeel.com/speaker

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