Global Urban Air Mobility Partnership is taking the industry to the next level

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eVertiSKY, a global corporation behind the first world's futuristic UAM ecosystem, is teaming with Pacific Joint Space Facility to deploy the first Vertiport and UAM operational project to Mars!

CHICAGO - eTradeWire -- The partnership between the two companies focuses on further demonstrating their capabilities in UAM and Low Earth Orbit space environments to extend their technology versatility and user adaptability.

The partnership is part of eVertiSKY Global Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) Awareness Campaign to develop standards for UAM operations worldwide and on the Red Planet. The partnership commitment lies in the Pacific Joint Space Facility's representation of eVertiSKY UAM infrastructure to accelerate and expand its operation in Australia and globally.

Together, the companies will set the path to building the infrastructure and the integrated flight management system, from aerodrome architecture design, UAS urban flight management, eVToL manufacturers, Drone Assisted Public Safety (DAPS), Delivery, Cargo, and Passengers. This international partnership is implementing its vision and innovative competence, establishing an additional segment of the industry - Mars.

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Giuseppe Carusi, Chairman at eVertiSKY, "Not only edge computing and Artificial intelligence made eVertiSKY the most capable partner within the UAM ecosystem, but our vision towards eco-sustainable infrastructure is establishing company's footprint worldwide. Mars is just another planet where our partners need support to assure peace of mind in their extraterrestrial operations".

"This is a new opportunity that we are happy to share with Pacific Joint Space Facility. While Mars requires further eVToL R & D, we are preparing to showcase UAS testing demonstration in Q2 2023 addressed to our UAM stakeholders and their eVToL technologies". Sandra Formenton, CEO at eVertiSKY.

Pacific Joint Space Facility and its team, led by the Chairman, John Moody, provides a based spaceport with easy access to equatorial and polar launch vectors. The company aims to offer the preeminent geographically strategic and geopolitically superior spaceport to launch the next generation of payloads into Earth orbit, the lunar surface, and beyond.

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The partnership brings a unique eVTOL technology to Mars to better supplement and assist the Planet's exploration through new generation hydrogen-powered drones designed by eVertiSKY and Mars colony habitat R&D.

Pacific Joint Space Facility will be deploying its systems to Mars by launching its space rockets, taking an advanced approach to delivering large payloads at once to the destination of Mars. The assembling process of eVertiSKY's UAM infrastructure and technology will occur at the final destination.

John Moody, Chairman at Pacific Joint Space Facility: "The future of commercial space operations lies on the opportunity of reducing costs for interplanetary transportation of construction material to build the future Mars colonies. By our cooperation with eVertiSKY we are looking not only at the infrastructure design but also how to get it to destination".

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