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EurAsian Times empowers people to share online consumer complaints, grievances, reviews so that their story does not go unnoticed and reaches billions of people, globally. Give your Grievances and Complains a Global Coverage with EurAsian Times

CHANAKYAPURI, India - Oct. 20, 2018 - eTradeWire -- With a rapidly growing economy, India is also experiencing severe cases of cheating, unprofessionalism, swindling businesses which unfortunately go unreported and unnoticed.

EurAsian Times endeavours to empower the people globally to share their news, stories consumer complaints,  so that their story does not go unnoticed, and reaches millions of people and relevant authorities. We at EurAsian Times deliver and Publish News in a completely unique manner i.e. RAW News straight from the Horse's Mouth".

Before You Write an Online Consumer Complaint in India

Firstly before you decide to write an online consumer complaint in India, you should make an attempt to talk directly with an authorized person at the concerned business. Start by taking your complaint to the manager or the company's customer service representative or your first point of contact. Most of the consumer complaints get resolved at this level. With any legitimate business, always remember that the customer always is right, so you must always clearly communicate your genuine concerns.

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If the particular person is unable to help you or solve your complaint, you can always escalate the matter and speak to the manager. Try to be relaxed and clearly explain your problem. Since the manager has more powers, they should be able to find some sort of solution at this point.

If your complaint is still not resolved, you may consider approaching the corporate headquarters by sending a well-written communique (email/letter). You can also attach photocopies of receipts or other documents to substantiate your claims.

When Businesses Won't Resolve Your Consumer Complaints

If you are still not satisfied and your concern is still unresolved, you can file an online consumer complaint with Eurasian Times and we assure you that your complaint will not only be published by EurAsian Times, but we will ensure your story reaches millions of people, company management and the relevant authorities.

Writing an Effective Online Consumer Complaint

The online complaint or review submitted to EurAsian Times should clearly explain the problem and what you have done to resolve the complaint.

Correctly Identify the Business to File an Online Consumer Complaint

When filing an online consumer complaint or writing a review regarding any organization, institution or government department, remember to correctly mention the name and address of the organization.

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Explain your Online Consumer Complaint

Thoroughly explain your concern against the product or services. Were you sold or told something fictitious? Please explain what were you told/sold and how you have been cheated. In your complaint or review, please explain what exactly went wrong with the product or service.

Include Supporting Documents in Your Consumer Complaint

Always include photocopies of documents relevant to your complaint or review like receipts, letters, contracts, etc. You are free to share a picture or video to substantiate your complaint.

Competitive businesses enhance the welfare of people. The aim of EurAsian Times is to defend, support and empower the way businesses operate, which will eventually enhance their performance and well-being of all the people. EurAsian Times remains committed to the welfare of people; this means we will publish your online consumer complaints, and genuine reviews to promote consumer welfare.

Read To File an Online Consumer Complaint? Mail us at and accurately share your email address, contact number, alternate number.


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