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GET's Dain Schult, Announces Additional SEGUE CITY Changes

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - eTradeWire -- Global Entertainment Technology, Inc., ("GET"), has announced that it has decided to add addition material to its SEGUE CITY presentation to offer both short and long form programs for use in syndication as well as for several of its own Internet Radio formats.

GET CEO, Dain Schult, stated, "When we started SEGUE CITY on YouTube at Dain Schult - GET's Segue City we had no idea of how would it be received.  Segues have been a part of radio formats for decades where a seamless transition is made between one song and another.  This plays to listener attention spans, important where attention spans have gotten as short as six seconds thanks to the overkill of overall Internet medias.

"Done right, the listener can't detect where the first song ended and the second one began.  Sometimes this is affected through 'beat-matching' – something that came into vogue in the Seventies with dance and disco songs in nightclubs.

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"In the old days, disc jockeys had to perform segues in the control room between two songs on different turntables so there was always some extraneous rumble and noise from the turntables.  Now it's possible to put them together in a studio on a computer where every segue can be perfected before it is used on air.  I crafted numerous segues, now featured in SEGUE CITY, back when I was on the air as a jock.

"In 1967, the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album made use of segues  and while not an operatic presentation like the Who's 'Tommy' that came later, the Beatles' segues made that LP a groundbreaking success.

"SEGUE CITY will be a programming and syndication feature as a presentation for Internet Radio stations from GET's its syndication wing, The Miracle Wonderland Radio Company."

GET is designed to be global friendly and initiative-taking in all things media. It will also be involved in live entertainment, sound systems and talent product development. We can provide "last mile" services to satellite Internet/Wi-Fi providers as well. This also now includes various elements of book publishing and marketing along with worldwide media events.

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We also offer  various global consulting services that includes introducing parties that have viable business deals of all various sorts around the world with people who can help get those deals funded through GET's network of entrepreneurs and funders.

("GET," "Segue City"  and "The Miracle Wonderland Radio Company" plus all of its other formats and programs are servicemarks of Global Entertainment Technology, Inc., © copyright 2022 Global Entertainment Technology, Inc., All Rights Reserved)

Contact GET through its website – http://www.globalentertainmenttechnology.com.

The link to more information about Dain Schult is http://www.dainschult.com

Dain L. Schult, Chairman

Source: Global Entertainment Technology, Inc.
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