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GEA'S smart monitoring kit stands out from the herd

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eTradeWire -- GEA is urging farmers to adopt new high-tech gear which will not only identify when a cow is on heat and the best time to inseminate her, but also automatically picks up changes in the health of cattle to help quickly establish if there is a problem with any of the herd.

Due to time and labour constraints, some farmers find regular physical examinations of their cattle difficult to achieve, which, when disease strikes, can lead to late diagnosis and potentially the devastating loss of livestock. The early intervention and treatment of sick animals can prevent this, save on vet fees and increase the chances of a full recovery.

The Twose family of Maenhir, Whitland, Carmarthenshire, who had monitored their herd of Holstein cows with GEA Rescounters for over a decade, has seen submission rates go up to 80% after deciding to invest in GEA's CowScout, as it offers more features and tracks the health of the herd around the clock.

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CowScout, which sends continuous real time data that can be accessed anytime and anywhere with a smart mobile device, laptop and PC via an internet connection, has an early warning system that is triggered if the cow is exhibiting signs of feeding or health problems so that farmers can react quickly and appropriately – a feature that Iwan Twose was grateful to have when one of his cattle registered low activity.

He said: "CowScout picked up that activity was down and when we investigated, we found that she had mastitis. This was picked up faster by the CowScout than the conductivity measurement in the parlour. The eating feature has benefits as well. We have found it useful to detect cows with displaced abomasium very early on. We are pleased we changed to CowScout. It works just as well with cows out grazing or those inside on total mixed ration."

Twose Farm has seen the monitoring process of its herd of Holstein cows transformed after investing in CowScout technology from GEA, a company with 40 years' experience combining local ingenuity and world-class engineering to supply technology that can be custom-built to suit a farm's particular needs.

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Its expertise and solutions are playing a central role in helping to drive greater efficiency, resilience and productivity across the whole of the UK's agri-food sector. CowScout increases revenues and lowers reproduction costs, contributes to healthier cows that live longer, saves time and simplifies work organisation.

GEA understands that demands on the farming sector have never been higher in terms of quality requirements, production standards, animal health and welfare. And while they may have similar goals, GEA also knows that each operation requires a different solution to achieve profitability and become more sustainable.

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