Furnace Part Source Wants You To Prepare Your Heating System For the Upcoming Winter

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RICHMOND, Va. - eTradeWire -- As the winter months approach, Furnace Part Source wants to ensure that customers in residential areas have their heating systems up to date. HVAC specialists should stock up on standard furnace parts, especially blower motors and gas regulators. Central heat is essential for comfort and survival in areas with heavy snowfall and temperatures below freezing. At the same time, not everyone knows the steps to perform basic maintenance.

"One common risk of central heating is carbon monoxide poisoning, as one example," a Furnace Part Source representative explains. "Carbon monoxide is odorless yet can fill an entire house with a faulty furnace. Poisoning from the gas can affect everyone within the area, and in some cases can prove fatal. Other problems can include parts needing replacement, controls failing to work as needed, and clogged circulation."

The company recommends that everyone should hire an HVAC specialist to inspect their system for potential leaks, inconsistent temperatures, and other issues. HVAC specialists, in turn, can prepare for the season by scheduling annual inspections before the first snowfall. Caulking and weather stripping can help seal pipes, windows, doors, and outlets to prevent heat from escaping into the cold. Sometimes integral parts such as blower motors require inspections and replacement when airflow is weak.

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Gas regulators also need checking; they regulate the distribution of heat. It is necessary for safety, to allow for complete control of a heating system. Furnace burners, which mix fuel, can develop cracks or rust over time, and clog in some cases.

Do not use other materials such as tape or glue, since they can increase the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Always declutter and remove flammable objects that are near the furnace such as stray papers, wood, or charcoal. Store fresh batteries for programmable thermostats, and check on insulation to see if it needs replacing.

To find out more about preparing your house, building, or apartment for the winter, reach out to the specialists at https://www.furnacepartsource.com/. You can find out how to find replacement parts in older systems and the signs for potential damage within your system.

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