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From Isolation to Inclusion, Interpreters Unlimited Urges Equal Education with Language Services

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SAN DIEGO - eTradeWire -- Imagine a Non-English speaking student joining your school mid-year without an interpreter—struggling to understand lessons, feeling isolated, and missing out on crucial education, it happened this year in San Diego. In such cases, many rely on AI and Google Translate which often falls short, leading to communication breakdowns and educational inequalities. Interpreters Unlimited (IU) is urging schools across the country to prioritize language interpretation and document translation services to ensure every student receives the education they deserve.

IU learned that at least one school in a district in San Diego received a new student who spoke no English mid school year and yet no interpreter was provided, communication was handled through translation apps. This can work here and there, but with errors and inefficiency. A teacher cannot teach in English and then act as a translation facilitator using a translation app, communicating every single thing they have spoken twice all day long. This equates to a poor education experience, students being left out, confused, unhappy and even scared.

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There is a lot of talk about AI translation, but no matter how good it is, it still needs a human touch. You wouldn't trust an AI robot or machine to perform heart surgery on you without a human doctor there, right? Education should be taken just as serious. When it comes to important instances where wording and nuance matters, like in healthcare, education, and legal, one little mistake can be detrimental.

Planning ahead for language services allows schools to arrange for these services in advance, reducing the need for last-minute coordination and ensuring smoother operations throughout the school year. Moreover, early planning enables schools to allocate resources and budget more effectively. Another critical aspect of preparation is emergency readiness. Preparing for language services in advance ensures that schools can effectively and swiftly communicate emergency information to everyone, safeguarding the well-being of all students and their families.

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Language Service Providers like IU offer a full range of services to meet these needs, including interpretation in over 200 languages, American Sign Language and document translation. Services are available on-demand whenever needed, or through flexible short-term or long-term contracts, including in person, via video and over the phone.

The consequences of neglecting language services are significant. Communication breakdowns create educational inequalities, leaving Non-English speaking students at a disadvantage. Schools that fail to address language needs may also face reputational damage and dissatisfaction among students and parents. Looking to translation apps and AI cannot substitute for professional interpreters who ensure accuracy and cultural sensitivity in communication.

For more information about Interpreters Unlimited, Inc., please visit www.interpreters.com or call 800-726-9891.

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