FreeMind Launches New Collection Of Advanced Sleep Meditations To Solve Sleep Deprivation Epidemic

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WESTMINSTER, U.K. - eTradeWire -- FreeMind, an emerging player in mindset management through guided meditations and recent winner of the 2019 Health & Wellbeing Magazine Awards for best Mindset/Mindful App, today announced the launch of a new range of advanced sleep meditations.

FreeMind first launched an app in March 2019 with over 250 guided meditations that enable people to take control of their mindset, by concentrating on the three key pillars of happiness and success; peace, power and purpose. All FreeMind meditations are based on the latest scientific research and psychological understanding of how to perform at an optimal level.

The new advanced sleep collection adds a further 18 meditations dedicated to the improvement of sleep. They induce sleep whilst also training people about sleep enhancement techniques. The use of metaphor (stories, suggestions, analogies and music) also works on a subconscious level, creating long and lasting improvements in sleep whilst also making the experience more enjoyable.

FreeMind's new advanced sleep meditations:
  • Focus specifically on the modern day causes of sleep disruption.
  • Teach the latest understanding and techniques of how to improve and increase sleep.
  • Use cutting edge relaxation techniques with specific sound frequencies to induce sleep.
  • Use metaphorical stories and suggestions that create sleep improvements at the subconscious level.
  • Use MetaMusic to enhance the power of the suggestions and make the experience more enjoyable.
  • Use film composers and professional musicians to deliver the highest quality cinematic soundscapes.
  • Use a 'Double Vocal' technique which weaves two streams of vocals together to create a powerful state of relaxation designed to rapidly induce sleep.
  • Help to make changes easier by combining information, behavioural change technology and motivation.

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"Sleep deprivation is a very real cause of some serious problems, affecting both physical and mental health, many of which people don't associate with sleep," said Tom Fortes Mayer, Creator and Co-Founder of FreeMind. "FreeMind helps people on a journey to happiness by providing the tools to improve their wellbeing and master their lives. So I'm excited about addressing poor sleep as a wellness obstacle, and enhancing our library with tools to improve both the quality and quantity of sleep".

The new advanced sleep collection falls within the peace pillar of the FreeMind app, under 'Collections'. Two sleep meditations are free of charge to non-subscribers whilst paying subscribers will automatically have access to all 18 advanced sleep meditations.

Availability: FreeMind can be downloaded on iPhone and Android smartphones.

Cost: Free (10-12 meditations). All meditations and new daily meditations can be unlocked by subscribing: £9.99 (monthly), £74.99 (annual), £399.99 (lifetime).

About FreeMind

FreeMind, a global leader in mindset management, meditation and mindfulness, was founded in 2018 by Tom Fortes Mayer, Daleep Chhabria and Naresh Asnani with the goal of improving happiness. FreeMind's system is designed to fast-track the benefits of years' worth of meditation in a matter of months. More information is available at, or follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (

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Mobile/WhatsApp: 07857 840 984
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