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Fox's Tucker Carlson Right Regarding Sidney Powell's Claims

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Lawyers Who Use Mass Media to Spread Allegations Should Provide Some Backup

WASHINGTON - eTradeWire -- Tucker Carlson Right Regarding Sidney Powell's Claims
Lawyers Using Media to Spread Allegations Should Provide Some Backup

WASHINGTON, D.C. (November 21, 2020) -  Tucker Carlson has come under severe criticism for asking attorney Sidney Powell for some evidence supporting her widely publicized claim that rigged voting software switched millions of votes from Trump to Biden.

Some critics of Carlson have argued that lawyers don't and should not hand over evidence to the media, and/or that the evidence should be revealed in court, and not in the media.

But public interest law professor, who is a well-known and very successful lawyer, says that's incorrect.

Attorneys who want to try their cases in court, and not present evidence outside that venue - the way many lawyers choose to proceed - are under no public duty or other obligation to disclose their evidence except though proper legal channels (e.g., in court or in court documents).

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But lawyers who voluntarily choose to publicize their claims in the media, and otherwise inform the public of them, should be prepared to make some kind of showing outside court if they want to be taken seriously, says Banzhaf.

Although I frequently disagree with Tucker on many legal and other issues, on this one he is correct, especially since he went out of the way to severely limit his criticism of Powell.

While we like to think that lawyers would not lie or make frivolous claims, they cannot always be believed, especially when speaking on behalf of a controversial client, so they must be prepared to present some evidence if they want any credence, argues Banzhaf.

Here there appears to be no legal logic or justification for attorney Powell not providing evidence of her claims which could affect the presidency, and where time is very much of the essence since the Electoral College will meet shortly.

In short, it is entirely proper for Carlson - who can hardly be credibly accused of being an opponent of the President -  to request some evidence of Powell's claims, Banzhaf concludes.


Source: Public Interest Law Professor John Banzhaf
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