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Fashionlevel 8 Setup Instagram Account, To Showcase New Fashion Image Syncing Video Clips

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Fashionlevel 8 Is Not Only Seeking to Build Awareness for Fashion Brands, But They Also Seek to Build Their Own Michelin Star Type Fashion System.

NEW YORK - eTradeWire -- "The Fashion Industry has done a Horrible Job promoting the industry.  And my goal is to use my access to Moviegazoo 1.8 billion users to create a totally new Fashion Community.  Working with brands that can see the Big Picture we can create by working together.  I intend to use a host of different methods to reach new consumers that haven't figured out their Fashion Style yet.  Because this is where the sales are!  And no, I am not seeking any new followers on Instagram, not in the traditional sense because Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, YouTube, LinkedIn and Meta followers are unreliable.  I intend to create image sync video clips for Moviegazoo Members, consumers that I know can afford to buy the products I place in a 45-seconds or less video clip." said V. Charles Allen M. II, Moviegazoo, Flattoast & Fashionlevel 8 Founder and Chief Lifestyle Engineer.

"For us it's all about data! Data that can be converted into real world sales.   And this is where Moviegazoo Offline Digital Network comes into play.  Data will allow us to update an image Sync Clip to bring a consumer closer to adding a designer to the shopping experience, sampling a product or using a designer own discount coupon to buy their product. As long as we can keep a Moviegazoo Member moving forward engagement with fashion brands will increase.

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Last year more than 1.1 billion users viewed our founder Image Syncing Video Clips. Consumers that didn't have fashion on their radar, but found Mr. V. Charles Allen M. II, video clips. The numbers told us he had created something people wanted to see and sometime connect with. Every video clip he uploaded last year average between 25 million and 40 million Views within 48 hours of being posted.   With $280 million in secondary sales last year, and the fashion community he's building outside of Moviegazoo, we definitely with to take this journey with him.

What's the advantage of Images Syncing, compared to a Fashion Show?  Image Syncing removes the chaos from the equation and allows a consumer to stay focused on the product with no distraction.  There's no celebrity watching going on, guests on their cellphone, or model shaming.   And instead of asking a consumer for 15 minutes of their time all he needs is 45 seconds to show them a designer's full collection. Simple and direct video clips. His program will allow us to reach more people, increase awareness, and introduce a new or reposition brand to new fashion-conscious consumers.

Now to separate Fashionlevel 8 from other fashion ventures out there, Moviegazoo Founder, Personally Created Level 8.  His goal is to turn Level 8 into Fashionlevel 8 own Michelin Star System for Fashion Brands, the same manner that a restaurant receives when servicing spectacular diverse cuisine, while enhancing the overall food experience.  Using Creativity, Style and what he calls the Big Picture Viewport.  With a Fashionlevel 8 Fashion Star being worth $100 million.  Level 8 will give a unknown Brand or Designer a platform to become a Super Brand or Level 8 Designer in Fashionlevel 8 system.

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LinkedIn: Flattoast
Instagram: @fashionlevel8
Fashionlevel 8 Created By: V. Charles Allen M. II

As a Level 8 Designer our sales will follow you! When you leave a Fashion House our sales leave too!   And once a brand reaches Level 8 status, they will get access to Moviegazoo Premium (Global) Members; consumers that spend more than $1 million a year on Fashion.  Plus, limited access to our Private Spotlight Events. Access alone is priceless when sales is a designer objective. We want every designer & fashion house out there to know we are open to working with you."  said Joanne G. Whaley, CEO of Moviegazoo Digital Network and Director of Fashionlevel 8 Executive Team.

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