Fallen Angel Facts versus Evolutionary Theories Part One Audio

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What the Holy Bible reveals about a pre-adamic world that was destroyed before Adam's domain was created.

NORMAN, Okla. - Aug. 17, 2018 - eTradeWire -- I've taught many aspects over the years regarding the falsehood of evolutionary theories and the Holy Bible's factual revelation on old earth creationism. God revealed to mankind, major events that ocurred involving the earth and heaven (atmosphere and area of outerspace surrounding the earth). I give point by point the reasons this type teaching is extremely important, especially to the youth of our Nation the USA and others, who teach evolutionary theories to youth for 12 years of public school and also in college. Some Christians say within their selves "I'm comfortable with my own beliefs and I don't need any of these old earth studies like "the Genesis Gap". However, this means they would not give an answer correcting an evolutionary belief a person or child might hold, as long as they, themselves are comfortable in their salvation through Jesus Christ. This type of attitude holds a selfishness to it that God may be highly displeased with. Their are ways to rebuttlal Darwinism Biblically, in short fashion, without going into a lengthy teaching. LINK TO FREE STREAMING VIDEO: http://jmlchristianpublishing.sermon.net/main/main/21222686

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