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Failure – an important part of your journey

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LONDON - eTradeWire -- Let's talk about failures. No one likes it. Everyone went through it at least once in life. It is an unavoidable part of our lives. What good can failure bring you? Can it be good at all? Why do you need to fail? Can you use failure to your advantage? How? Enjoy this material to find out more.

What can help avoid failure?
Going on a journey or holiday, especially a long one, to some new place, you prepare yourself, checking different information about it, right? You check the weather in this place. What is around that area worth sightseeing? What documents you will need. If you need any specific vaccinations for that area. And even though, still you will take some extra bits and pieces. Like, if you know, that you are going to, let say Greece, Spain or Italy, still, you might take a warm set of clothes, just in case. You might pack a first aid with you. And any other things you might think that you will need.

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A similar situation is when you prepare for an interview, for the first day of school or for a driving test. You are trying to find out and eliminate, as many as possible, factors that might be unfavourable. Still, not always this is possible and you might miss something. Even if you prepare yourself thinking, that you cover all gaps, it might happen that you fail. Sometimes, no matter how amazing an expert you are, how well you prepare yourself, things might go not the way you would wish. Life can be pretty surprising at some points.

I know this might be discouraging and you might think now – So, what is the point of preparing? If I can not predict and prepare for every possibility. If I can not for a certain set myself for success. Maybe better would be, just save that time, spend it on something else, something pleasant, like playing games, watching movies or partying with friends, and go unprepared? Is that really a good approach? What do you think? Will being completely unprepared makes you feel better? Less stressed? More relaxed? Is it something that will make your life test easier?

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