Facebook Ads for Beginning Advertisers? Nope. Here's Why

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If you are new to advertising online - reconsider Facebook ads.

LOS ANGELES - eTradeWire -- Have you ever seen a meat grinder? Keep that image in mind as you read this.

The gurus who try to convince you that $5 dollars a day can grant you success on Facebook are selling something related to Facebook (ad courses, agency services, software, etc.).

Your CPM will range anywhere from $5-$60+ with no real reason or justification as to why it changes so drastically! (But I'm jumping ahead).

Unrealistic Budgets
The idea that you can run an ad campaign for $5 to $10 dollars a day is utter nonsense. You will need to spend (waste) at least $3,000 to $5,000 dollars just to begin testing a Facebook campaign.

Then Why Are So Many People Promoting It?
Facebook exists on the fact that every day new bright-eyed hopeful advertisers throw money at them. Until, and it doesn't take long, they realize that it takes much longer and is more expensive to generate any sales.

What happens to these new advertisers?
They go to the next shiny object or give up entirely convinced that the whole "make money online" thing is a horrible scam!

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(Meat grinder remember).

That's kinda like giving up on women because your 7th-grade girlfriend dumped you. Or never driving a car again because your first one was a lemon.

Faulty logic.

Plus, even if you had enough Facebook ad budget the following things could still go wrong:

- Not enough impressions because your ad is not being shown enough.
- Not enough clicks. If this happens Facebook will STOP showing your ad completely!
- Lack of conversions. (No leads or sales. This is huge and quite honestly may not be Facebook's problem).
- Target too broad or specific. Yep, it's tricky - which is why every newbie is losing thousands of dollars daily (meat grinder - remember).
- Audience doesn't "know, like or trust you" (oldie but a goodie).
- Your pixel isn't firing correctly! (Again, complicated stuff).
- Your ad is not relevant to the target audience.
- Your bid is way too low. You may get clicks in the beginning and then it completely stops.

Okay, obviously I could go on.

But I won't.

Before you take on the expensive advertising Goliath that is Facebook you may want to start with a free proven approach to generating sales conversions.



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