Exciting New Book "DANCE WITH A TWO HEADED SNAKE" is FREE this Sunday, Feb 23rd on Amazon!

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In her latest book Erica Wolf makes a compelling case for boycotting both Political Parties in Our Next Presidential Election, and instead, Writing in OUR CHOICE for the Candidate We Feel is Most Qualified.

NEW YORK - eTradeWire -- If you were a Trump supporter and believed in his "Make America Great Again" (MAGA) promises of No More Wars, Military Base Reductions, Tax Cuts for Our Majority, Rebuild Our Infrastructure, but in time realized he was just another Hillary, the message of this book will be compelling!

Donald Trump, much like Hillary, is Owned and Operated by the very same Criminal Elites in the Banking, Military Complex, Petro-Chemical Industries who now run mostly everything in Our Nation.

Yes, Donald Trump and Hillary act like they are adversaries, yet have more in common than any real differences they could claim.

Have you noticed how the only real differences between Trump and Hillary are mostly about the differences in their personalities and little else.

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Also, Trump Has NOT Prosecuted any of the Criminals that came before him, for any of the crimes they committed, Plus the War Economy is Bigger Than Ever!


NO TAX Cuts for the American Majority, just for the Criminal Elite!
NO Reduction in Military Spending but instead the Largest Military Budget Ever!
NO Reduction in Costly WARS as promised but more Wars!
NO Prosecutions of Criminal Behavior by DNC and Previous Administrations!
NO Investment in Rebuilding Our American Infrastructure!
NO Closure of Costly Military Bases Worldwide but Only Expansion!
NO Policies to Make America Great Again, just a Useless Wall and Big Talk!

Isn't the real Difference between Trump, Obama, Clinton and Bush their method of Delivery rather than the Message being delivered.

Isn't Charisma the other Real Difference Factor; GWB was Cool, Obama was Slick, Clinton was Cuddly, and Trump is New York all the way, Crude and Rough!

Perhaps 2020 will mark the beginning of a New Trend in America to Vote for Responsible Candidates with a History of Performance and Ethics while Ignoring Both Democratic and Republican Party Produced Choices.

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Clearly, the Democratic and Republican Parties have morphed into one Self-Serving Criminal Elitist Party serving only the interests of the wealthy class that includes themselves and defined in this book as "The Two Headed Snake".

One thing for certain, right now is the Perfect time to make plans for heading over to AMAZON this coming SUNDAY, FEB 16th, to Get Your FREE Copy of this provocative little book from Erica Wolf!

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