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PROVIDENCE, R.I. - eTradeWire -- Lynn Bentley, President of Knobull, Inc. said, "Collaboration is key to everything we do at Knobull.com and nothing highlighted this better than the transition to remote learning during lockdown! The recent increase in remote learning offered great opportunities for wider peer-to-peer learning."

The Knobull Mission is to move academic and career success forward with brave and productive collaboration. We can change education and industries for the better when we come together and speak up. At Knobull.com students can talk openly and freely with any fellow student or educator to positively influence academic and career success. Knobull is a place to feel at ease, exchange ideas, advise and support because everyone is in it together.

In addition, the Knobull Research Engine uses: an academic search engine which is simpler than Google. Knobull.com does not claim to offer more results than Google. The best thing about this approach is that you can search for information related to your subject without getting distracted by sponsored links using a database of over one billion documents, web pages, books, journals, encyclopedias and articles.

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The team's student-centered approach to academic support has been greatly appreciated by students throughout the country. While facilitating wholly remote learning, Knobull ensures that community channels are available across the student population and within user groups to enable learners to build on the vital social aspect of their time.

With Knobull's support, students can be working on live, co-created remote projects in conjunction with industry, mapped against current skill capabilities. In turn, this has offered the opportunity to develop real-time problem-solving tasks and offers acute insight into what is currently happening in their chosen industry. In addition, the remote intern learners can holistically develop softer employability skills that will now be required as we move into a new way of working – cloud-based digital skills, time management, and the importance of a healthy work/life balance.

A blended learning approach offers a fantastic opportunity to accomplish multiple results. The Knobull team has found that when the learning experience is approached much more as a constructive participatory experience where learners develop meaning from what they learn, it supports application to the real world and employment.

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The new normal prepares us for the movement away from inconsistent approaches, environments and learning methods. Methods of support which prop up the simple transmission of content are already under scrutiny so Knobull seeks to promote the development of knowledge, skills and behaviours of learners.

Bentley concludes, "In all circumstances, the additional use of technology-enabled learning should help student's achieve their academic and career goals. A blended learning model facilitated by the Knobull team is the best approach for each particular academic and career topic/outcome sought."

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