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Employee Engagement Now Surging With Innovative Solution

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The Answer to Low Engagement Has Been Found and It's Already in Every Office

ST. LOUIS - eTradeWire -- According to Gallup Research, it is a perennial challenge that keeps leaders and human resources professionals constantly searching for answers – increasing employee engagement.

But the solution they need is a lot closer than they may think.

Bernie Frazier, an author, coach, speaker, and Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), has found a way to combat the abysmal statistics unveiled each time Gallup's State of the Workplace is released.

"Almost 70 percent of workers in the United States are disengaged at work," Frazier said. "That means they've become complacent and, as I like to say, they are bored, burnt out, and/or frustrated. But it doesn't have to be this way."

This problem may sound like a personal one, but millions of dollars are actually on the line. Gallup found that between $450 and $550 million in employee productivity are lost each year due to disengagement. Traveling the country and speaking to employees at conferences and in corporations large and small, Frazier has found that the missing link to employee engagement is consistent in every audience she sees.

"In the many years that I did corporate talent acquisition and in the years that I have done career coaching and speaking, I've found that most people are simply passive about their careers," Frazier said. "I ask them, 'Where your career is now, if nothing changed, could you live with it like this for the next 15, 20, 25 years that you plan on working?' And most of the time the answer is, 'No.'"

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This realization is a turning point where everything seems to change.

"At this point, I simply ask, 'What are you going to do to get a different result?' Then we work through some ways to envision a future where you take charge of your own opportunities. It's really helping to empower people in their own careers to help them overcome those barriers to greater career success. And when the employee succeeds, the company succeeds," Frazier said.

This is the topic addressed in Frazier's newly released book, Your Success is in You http://www.yoursuccessisinyou.com, as well as the talk she gives by the same title at conferences and employee trainings across the nation. It was at one of these events that Frazier's message changed the life of a corporate employee feeling stuck in her career.

"I was at a point of my career where things were really tough both personally and professionally when I heard Bernie speak three years ago," Said Gwen, now a leader with a national financial institution. "She asked a key question – what do you want to do? And through answering that question, she helped me take charge and navigate how to get there."

Gwen's experience is one that Frazier reinforces every chance she gets, in that taking charge of your career doesn't mean changing companies is necessarily required. It can take place now. For Gwen, this was a key to changing everything.

"Bernie helped me begin to network within the company, and since that time I've made more than 200 connections with 80 different people at various levels of the organization. It's helped me create a personal brand and re-engage myself in my own career development by being proactive rather than reactive. And others in the company have noticed the change I've made, too," Gwen said.

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This is the kind of success story that Frazier continues to see, having just concluded a speaking tour across Missouri, Iowa, and Texas, and gearing up for another tour coming soon.

"I love helping employees feel more empowered about their careers to create more optimism about their career future," Frazier said. "And I love that company executives see this pay off in higher talent retention and employee engagement as a result. Everybody wins."

Bernie Frazier launched her company CAREERCompass nearly nine years ago after spending over 20 years in talent acquisition. Since that time she has become a sought-after speaker and career coach, working with clients around the world. With a limited number of speaking engagements available for the remainder of 2019, Frazier hopes she is able to continue helping to solve the problem of employee engagement that haunts executives and human resources professionals, alike.

"Whether it's speaking at corporations or conferences, I simply want to bring what I know has helped hundreds of other people to find the career path that works for them," Frazier said. "I simply want to help them, and their companies, find the success that I know they already have inside."

For more information or to book a speaking engagement, visit http://www.careercompassllc.com.

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