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ECO Fuels – Do they Improve Fuel Efficiency, Reduce Carbon & Greenhouse Gases – ECOFuelMax

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For years companies have been trying unsuccessfully to reduce Pollution and Maintenance Expenses by using ECO Fuels. ECO and Bio Fuels were incorporated to enhance or replace standard Diesel fuel.

FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla. - eTradeWire -- Alternate Fuels in most cases are more costly and do not perform as well as traditional Diesel Fuel.

The few ECO Fuels that are commonly used are:
● BioDiesel and Renewable Diesel for Diesel applications,
● CNG for Natural Gas applications
● Electricity for Electric applications
● Hydrogen for Fuel Cell applications
● Propane for Propane applications

Fuels except for Electric utilize the principal of combustion. Fuels (diesel or gas) are ignited, explode and force a motor to cause RPM (Revolutions per Minute). Efficiency and Pollution Reduction have been primary targets.

Then comes the expense; the alternatives to Diesel fuel may not be available or cost efficient for over the road Trucking. These alternative Fuels may require additional maintenance or may not perform as reliable as standard Fuels.

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There is a proven and guaranteed solution that works on all Fuel Types. The ECOFuelMax Pollution Solution (aka ECO Fuel System LLC). It works Via Electrolysis/Electrostatic Energy, How it Works. The ECO Fuel System enhances Diesel, BioDiesel, CNG, Hydrogen and Propane fuels causing them to burn more Combustible and Cleaner. Maintenance can be reduced by releasing less Carbon Pollution/Particulates, REGEN Cycles and DEF use by +/-70% with less Downtime. Fuel Consumption is reduced (+/-10%), with increased Power and Sustainability.

A clean running motor using the ECOFuelMax saves on Fuel and Maintenance and can reduce Greenhouse Gases +/-92%. No matter what combustible Fuel a Truck or Car uses their owners, who use the ECO Fuel System, swear by it. Many test it then outfit their fleets.

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The ECO Fuel System is a low cost patented, proven and guaranteed BBB A+ opportunity (10+ yrs). Reviews, Test Results, Scientific Data and References are available online.

The Best Test is the one a Gasoline, Diesel Owner or Company does is on their own vehicle(s). You are invited to test it for yourself. A No Risk Guarantee allows Diesel or Gasoline Owners to try it for 90 days, if unhappy for any reasons return it undamaged.

For details or to schedule a test Go Online (https://ecofuelmax.com/), or Call.

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