Earth Nation Updates. The 8th Decentralized Autonomous Organization Cycle Has Begun

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The Earth Nation has begun its 8th phase of development in experimenting with decentralized autonomous organizational governance, resource-based economies. universal basic income, sustainability, permaculture, and paradigm shift communities.

LOS ANGELES - June 25, 2018 - eTradeWire -- The purpose of the Earth Nation is to help people finance their dreams, find, connect, and join with sustainable communities while spreading international awareness of all the good things happening in paradigm shift organizations across the world.

We are empowering collective and individual financial abundance through an international resource based trade economy through the Equality Keys cryptocurrency and the worlds first decentralized resource pool with incredibly high returns designed to fund positive change businesses that are some solving many of humanities worst problems.

We have wonderful news. After over 6 months of hibernation and behind the scenes work, We are ready for the 8th Cycle of the Earth Nation decentralized autonomous experiment.

Were back online, bigger, and better than. Fully prepared to engage with and support new paradigm change agents in more ways than ever before.

Here's a short list of upgrades and offerings we have to share with each other and the world.

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-Equality Keys cryptocurrency can be spent for shared ownership of 8 sustainable/co-governed intentional communities spanning 1500 acres in Missouri USA, Ecuador and now Costa Rica.

-Equality Keys are now a token on the waves blockchain, built in with an anonymous decentralized exchange.

-The Earth Nation now supports Simbi, enabling Earth Nation Voteholders to effortlessly obtain tens of thousands of digital services online through the Simbi network. Including graphic design, website development, architecture design, translation, talk therapy, and so much more.

-We are now capable of adopting EN Voteholders into the UN recognized Sovereign Sioux Tribe. This comes with additional freedoms such as freedom from forced vaccinations and the right to hold medicine ceremonies.

-We have a launched another cryptocurrency; EarthCycle Coin; the fuel of an international resource pool designed to fund positive-change green businesses. We've teamed up with leaders of 4 amazing companies that have pioneered leading-edge technologies to create a series of businesses that produce 50%-500%+ annual ROI while simultaneously addressing major systemic issues on our planet. Total asset value of these partnered businesses is over 400M USD.

-The Earth Nation website has been revamped to showcase our partnered projects, including two working forms of universal basic income, the Numundo network with hundreds of new paradigm locations, events, and workshops, and many other positive world-changing projects.

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-The ASC home center has been revamped to be incredibly simple and user intuitive, so on-screen tutorials are no longer required.

-We've shifted voting platforms to the blockchain through the Aragon platform. This means our votes are now truly decentralized and tamperproof. Admins cannot delete or modify votes. In the next 2 months our Equality Keys will move to this platform and holding and distributing Equality Keys will no longer be the responsibility of the ASC.

-We've partnered with Collective Evolution and Truth Theory. They will soon be posting about EarthCycle and Earth Nation on a regular basis.

-The Earth Nation site now comes with an easy to use support ticket system, for quick and simple communication for anyone interested in learning more the EN or the EN's partnered projects.

-We are now offering 0 collateral credit-based loans up to 150K for social good projects and sustainable permaculture-base communities.

-The Equality Keys marketplace is online, fully functional and available in our home center.

Long story short. We've totally overhauled everything to remove all centralized bottlenecks while increasing the quality and simplicity of our presentation and user engagement to a much higher level.

Learn more about the Earth Nation and our world changing partnered projects at

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