Dr. Paul Norwood peer reviews new scientific article related to the treatment of Type 2 Diabetes

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The research article peer-reviewed by medical doctor and researcher Paul Norwood, MD reviews the use of IDegLira for glycaemic control.

FRESNO, Calif. - March 7, 2019 - eTradeWire -- The research clinic Valley Research, based in Fresno, California, announced that its Principal Researcher Paul C. Norwood, MD has completed his peer review of a scientific article about diabetes treatment for publication in the scientific journal Diabetes, Obesity & Metabolism.

Valley Research conducts medical investigations in areas including Diabetes (Type I and Type II), Hypertriglyceridemia (High Triglycerides), Kidney Disease, and Obesity. The Valley Research is uniquely located and qualified to conduct clinical studies in California. It partners with sponsors and contract research organizations throughout the development process of new pharmaceuticals, devices and diagnostics. Particular emphasis is placed on exceeding our clients' requirements.

The scientific article reviews whether IDegLira maintains glycaemic control and improves clinical outcomes, regardless of pre-trial insulin dose, in patients with type 2 diabetes uncontrolled on basal insulin. IDegLira is a combination of Tresiba (insulin degludec), a once-daily basal insulin analogue with an ultra-long duration of action, and Victoza (liraglutide), the once-daily human GLP-1 analogue for the treatment of type 2 diabetes. IDegLira is the first-ever once-daily, single administration combination of a long-acting basal insulin and glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP-1) analogue, developed by Novo Nordisk. In type 2 diabetes (T2D), treatment is optimised to minimize hyperglycaemia and the risk of microvascular complications. While there are a number of effective treatments, intensive treatment is associated with negative side effects such as increased hypoglycaemia and weight gain.

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Dr. Norwood notes "I am pleased that I can contribute to the development of effective medical treatments not just with my research at Valley Research, but also by peer-reviewing other scientific studies. Peer review is a crucial step before the publication of scientific research to ensure that the research results and the underlying scientific principles are sound."

Diabetes, Obesity & Metabolism (a Journal of Pharmacology and Therapeutics), published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd, is primarily a journal of clinical and experimental pharmacology and therapeutics covering the interrelated areas of diabetes, obesity and metabolism. See https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/journal/14631326. The journal prioritizes high-quality original research that reports on the effects of new or existing therapies, including dietary, exercise and lifestyle (non-pharmacological) interventions, in any aspect of metabolic and endocrine disease, either in humans or animal and cellular systems.  'Metabolism' may relate to lipids, bone and drug metabolism, or broader aspects of endocrine dysfunction. Preclinical pharmacology, pharmacokinetic studies, meta-analyses and those addressing drug safety and tolerability are also highly suitable for publication in this journal. Original research may be published as a main paper or as a research letter.

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About Dr. Paul Norwood

Physician Dr. Paul Norwood leads the team at Valley Endocrine in Fresno, California. Valued by his community for his caring and kind personality as well as his skills as a physician, Dr. Paul Norwood is also respected nationwide for his expertise as an endocrinologist. Dr. Norwood founded Valley Endocrine clinic, which specializes in endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism, and Valley Research, which does clinical trials. Dr. Norwood has gained a reputation among physicians for his research, service to the community, and contributions. Dr. Norwood is the Executive Editor of the Journal of Global Health Perspectives. For almost 30 years, he has provided free medical services to the community on the faculty of the University of California at San Francisco.


Video: Dr. Paul Norwood M.D. of Valley Research discusses treatments and medicine to treat conditions like diabetes, chronic migraines, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Ueoj-gOs5M


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