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Dr. Laurence Breiterman Has Just Completed A 3 Day Prostho BootCamp!

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Dr. Laurence Breiterman has just completed a 3 day prostho bootcamp on Fixed & Removable prosthetics in Oral Implantology. The bootcamp was from November 9th to 11th, 2023, at the Resnik Implant Institute in Houston, Texas.

WAYNE, N.J. - eTradeWire -- From November 9th to 11th in 2023, at the Resnik Implant Institute In Houston, Texas, Dr. Laurence Breiterman completed a 3 day Prostho bootcamp called Fixed & Removable Prosthetics in Oral Implantology. Dr. Breiterman earned 27 continuing education (CE) credits by attending this bootcamp.

Course topics at this bootcamp were:
  • Prosthetic Differences Between Teeth and Implants
  • Fixed Treatment Planning
  • FP-1,2, & 3 Procedure Step by Steps
  • Monolithic Zirconia Prostheses
  • Screw vs. Cement Prosthetics
  • Impression Techniques for Fixed Prosthesis
  • Biomechanics
  • Occlusal Concepts for Fixed Prostheses
  • Fixed Prosthesis Cementation Protocol
  • Digital Impression Theory & Technique
  • Full Arch Prosthesis Material Options
  • Complications for Fixed Prostheses
  • Progressive Bone Loading for Fixed Prostheses.
The prostho bootcamp also had hands-on labs. The hands-on labs at the bootcamp were:
  • Screw & Cement Retained Prosthetic Protocol
  • Direct & Indirect Impression Technique, Fixed Prosthesis Insertion Technique
  • Multi-Unit Abutment Lab
  • PMMA Interim Prosthesis
  • Removable Impression Techniques
  • Locator Attachment Protocol
  • Attachment Abutment Selection
  • Digital Impression Technique
  • Dental Photogrammetry
  • Digital Design
At the Fixed & Removable Prosthetics in Oral Implantology 3 day prostho bootcamp, participants learned how to evaluate a patient and plan for their dental prosthesis, they learned about fixed and removable prosthetics in oral implantology, and they learned about occlusion considerations in oral implantology.

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Dr. Breiterman will use the knowledge he gained from the prostho bootcamp to better the way he treats his patients with prostheses for their dental implant procedures at his Advanced Dental Techniques office in Wayne, New Jersey. https://www.advanceddentaltechniques.com/dental... (https://www.advanceddentaltechniques.com/dental-implants/?utm_source=prlog.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=seo)

About Advanced Dental Techniques:
Advanced Dental Techniques in Wayne, NJ is passionate about giving patients advanced dental care in an upscale and relaxing environment.
https://www.advanceddentaltechniques.com/ (https://www.advanceddentaltechniques.com/?utm_source=prlog.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=seo)

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