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Dr. George Sepiashvili Was Just Interviewed By Randy Alvarez On The Wellness Hour TV Show!

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Dr. George Sepiashvili just explained why TMJ disorder goes undiagnosed, as well as the multiple ways specially trained dentists can help patients overcome this painful, yet common, condition in a recent interview On The Wellness Hour TV show.

WESTBURY, N.Y. - eTradeWire -- People who experience regular migraines, jaw pain, neck pain, tinnitus, and backaches are often confused by the source of their symptoms. What many do not realize is that these seemingly unrelated signs can all be indicative of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder, a condition that often goes undiagnosed and untreated. However, as Dr. George Sepiashvili, from the Advanced Dentistry of Mohegan Lake office in Mohegan Lake, New York recently explained to The Wellness Hour TV show host, Randy Alvarez, the symptoms associated with TMJ disorder can frequently be solved through the use of innovative dentistry techniques.

While being interviewed by Randy Alvarez on The Wellness Hour TV show, Dr. Sepiashvili noted that many of the patients he has seen have spent years taking painkillers without finding true relief. This leaves them frustrated and uncertain about their futures. Yet, Dr. Sepiahvili notes, relief from TMJ disorder can come from identifying and resolving the underlying source of the problem. Lasting results from TMJ treatment can happen very soon after the treatment begins.

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At his practice, Advanced Dentistry of Mohegan Lake located in Mohegan Lake, NY, Dr. Sepiashvili relies on leading-edge techniques to both diagnose and treat TMJ disorder. Among his advanced diagnostic tools is the K7 Evaluation System, which is designed to accurately assess a patient's jaw health. With the K7, Dr. Sepiashvili can accurately pinpoint areas of jaw dysfunction. Once those areas have been determined, he can move forward with a personalized TMJ disorder treatment plan for the patient.
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One of the treatments that Dr. Sepiashvili has found useful for patients with TMJ disorder, is the delivery of electric stimulation through the J5 TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) unit. The electric stimulation from TENS safely stimulates, massages, and relaxes the muscles in and around the patient's jaw. Some patients feel better right away, and others find that routinely undergoing TENS sessions is all they need to get lasting relief from TMJ disorder symptoms.

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The message from Dr. Sepiashvili during his interview with Randy Alvarez on the Wellness Hour TV show was clear. For anyone dealing with potential TMJ disorder difficulties, they should go get diagnosed.

About Advanced Dentistry of Mohegan Lake:
At Advanced Dentistry of Mohegan Lake In Mohegan Lake, NY, patients can get exceptional care with the latest techniques and technologies.
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Source: Advanced Dentistry of Mohegan Lake
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