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Before you clean your Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) using Heat consider the damage it causes. In many cases after a few Heat Cleanings you may need to replace your DPF.

ATLANTA - eTradeWire -- Years ago a cleaning chemical that has been around for years was used by a Fleet manager as a test to clean one of his many dirty DPF's. It worked incredibly well removing the trapped Carbon Particulates on his DPF's DOC's and EGR Valves without Heat. Since then Cobra Clean has been used regularly to clean thousands of Filters by School Systems, Transit Companies, Trucking, Heavy Equipment and many more diesel applications.

Cobra Clean is a Non Toxic, Non Acidic liquid cleaner that melts Carbon, No Heat, No Damage. In addition those who use Cobra Clean and save 75% over heat cleaning that can cost +/-$500.00 per filter or +/-$2,500 to replace.

It is a simple procedure, remove your filter and submerse it in the Cobra Clean. Let it soak for 24 hours remove and rinse with tap water. It is recommended to do it on a filtered wash rack to trap the Carbon Particulates. Let it dry, reinstall it and you're back on the road +/-24 hours.

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Transportation Directors and Fleet Manages primary concern is downtime and cost. By cleaning your filters and valves in house downtime and money be saved, time is money.

Another major concern is sustainability, using Cobra Clean will not damage a filter, and it can be cleaned multiple times without a need to replace. Some filters have been cleaned 8 times and counting.

Owners of Diesel Motors will have to eventually have to clean their filters, it is only a matter of time. The ECO Fuel System recommends keeping Cobra Clean on hand. When a Filter gets clogged, you want it cleaned immediately. Delivery due to the current situation may take days or longer to obtain the Cobra Clean from our warehouses via UPS or FedEx.

ECO Fuel System is a Manufactures distributor (BBB A+ rating 12+ years) who has been helping vehicle owners since 1999. We have other products like the ECO Fuel System that for a few hundred dollars can help reduce Carbon Pollution 40% to over 70% without Chemicals or Maintenance. It can help keep your DPF cleaner +/-50% longer. By helping fuel burn cleaner you can reduce Carbon Pollution saving you Maintenance, Downtime and Fuel.

Call, Email or go online https://ECOFuelMax.com for details. Have a Happy Healthy Successful 2022. GO GREEN – Burn Clean!

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