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Do Hair Growth Shampoos Really work?

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TORONTO - eTradeWire -- Male pattern hair loss is common worldwide especially in men over 50. Some men are able to handle the change gracefully, while others fight their hair loss with great intensity. There have been numerous breakthroughs in the science of hair loss prevention which gives men a number of treatment options to battle against their receding hairlines. The most extreme form of treatment is hair transplant surgery, while hair loss prevention shampoo is the most subtle treatment. The Hair Loss Recovery Program is here to help you navigate fact from fiction by explaining how hair loss prevention shampoo is formulated and if it actually works to ensure Thornhill Hair Loss Recovery.


Hair loss can occur due to our genetics, hormones or even illness. However, most male pattern baldness is due to hormones, and the way most hair loss shampoos work is by targeting and suppressing the hormones responsible for hair loss.

Some of the ingredients used are:

 — This additive is not only good to give you a jolt of energy, but it is also known to help promote hair growth when used topically. It works by counteracting the hormone testosterone, and thus helps your hair grow. You can apply coffee directly to your scalp, or use a shampoo that features it as an ingredient.

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Biotin — This is an essential nutrient your body needs to keep your hair healthy. It is a coenzyme that plays a big role in synthesizing amino acids and fatty acids, which are then used to make keratin. Biotin has been proven to strengthen and thicken hair when taken as a supplement and it is beneficial as an ingredient in hair loss shampoo.

Ketoconazole — This is one of the most important ingredients that should be included in hair loss shampoos. It's an antifungal agent that is anti-androgenic and it can stop hair growth. It works by blocking the effect of DHT and testosterone on hair follicles. It is also an anti-inflammatory which helps to keep the scalp healthy.

Saw Palmetto — This has been used as a hair loss treatment for hundreds of years. It helps to block the hormone converting enzyme 5-alpha-reductase, which in turn encourages hair growth.


Prior to starting any treatment, it is important to visit one of the hair specialists here at The Hair Loss Recovery Programfor an evaluation. This will help discover why you are losing your hair and the best treatment options for your situation. Once you are ready to try a shampoo, here are three things to keep in mind:

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Check what's in inside — Make sure that the hair loss shampoo you use has the ingredients that we listed above. You can even find ones that have other beneficial ingredients such as tea tree oil, argon oil, or niacin.

Check the reviews — Skip new products or those that don't have at least a full year of solid reviews backing it up. Check many sources for reviews, not only the product website. If something sounds too good to be true, chances are it's no better than snake oil.

Be patient — Any hair treatment will take time to work. Don't expect to wash your hair once and see your full head of hair returned. Give your scalp at least 4 months to get used to the treatment before you look for results.


We are always here to help when you need information regarding hair loss, hair restoration treatments, and over-the-counter hair treatments. Give The Hair Loss Recovery Program a call at (416) 439–4247 to find out more or to set up an appointment.

Learn more here: https://www.hairlossrecovery.ca/

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