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Diesel Owners - Save Fuel – Reduce DPF Maintenance – ECOFuelMax

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As the cost of Fuel and Operation continues to increase Diesel Owners need to be aware of opportunities to Reduce expenses, increase Profits and Sustainability.

ATLANTA - eTradeWire -- For over 10 years the ECO Fuel System or ECOFuelMax the No Chemical, No Maintenance Fuel Filter/Enhancer has saved owners thousands of dollars annually per vehicle. The ECO Fuel System opportunity is a NO RISK, GUARANTEED BBB A+ solution to help Diesel Owners reduce Maintenance and Operating Expenses. It starts to work Immediately!

Municipalities and large Fleets have saved Millions of Dollars using the ECOFuelMax. Recently Foreign Governments have been installing it on their vehicles. It's easy to install, only a few hundred dollar onetime expense that can last 20+ years CARB Approved, NO RISK. Whether you own a large Truck with a Diesel Motor in a Box, Dump, Garbage/Waste Reefer, Tractor or a Pickup Truck all can save money and increase power, Guaranteed.

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The ECO Fuel System operates on the Scientific Principles of Electrostatic Energy and Electrolysis. This patented invention increases all fuels Reid Vapor Pressure causing it to burn more combustible and cleaner. Certified Testing shows a +/-70% reduction in Carbon Pollution and Greenhouse Gases without having to go Electric.

When Diesel Fuel burns more combustible it not only increases Fuel Efficiency but can reduce Diesel Regeneration Cycles (DPF) and Diesel Emission Fluid (DEF) as much as 70%. Municipal Transit Buses and Tractor Trailer trucks have logged an 8.4% reduction in Fuel Consumption and as much as 73% reduction in DPF maintenance.

Another proven solution I would like to share is Cobra Clean (https://ecofuelmax.com/cobra-clean), a chemical, No Heat DPF cleaner that will not damage a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). It melts Carbon deposits on DPF's, DOC's and EGR Valves. The cost is 75% less than traditional DPF cleaning with heat. There is NO Damage to any Filters.

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Since 2000 the principals of ECO Fuel System, LLC have been working hard to develop and find the best solutions to helping Owners reduce expenses while reducing Carbon Pollution Emissions. The ECO can immediately reduce Greenhouse Gases 50%+ on Diesel and Gasoline motors helping to save money. For details go online (https://ecofuelmax.com/), email or call us.

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