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Did Chance Trahan Just Expose Donald Trump's Huge Coverup

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Donald Trump Apparently Loves Human Trafficking And Nonpartisan Presidential Candidate Chance Trahan Is Wildly Disgusted

LOS ANGELES - eTradeWire -- Sheriff Chance Trahan is an independent journalist and what he's saying puts Donald Trump's follies directly into the public eye for you to consider for yourselves, and you better believe that Trump isn't pleased. Donald's allegedly been covertly referring to Chance Trahan as "Jesus Christ" in the media, and the most shocking reference is when he mentioned that he'd "like to aim it right at Easter" when briefing about ending the "Corona"-"virus"-"pandemic" hoax.

Trump's made secret references to Candidate Trahan before he was ever President. Trahan says Trump used him as a Campaign Manager through means of Twitter posts. Seems Candidate Trahan is more concerned for your health than current incumbents in office.

"Standing in lines in the weather just to get into the store 'mid-pandemic' is just as, if not more dangerous, than catching a flu. I refuse to spend money at a business that is forcing their customers to behave as if there's an "invisible enemy" and treats us like we're cattle," says Sheriff.

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Trahan continues, "They use this to try to convince others that I'm crazy, they use fake articles to vilify me, and they even use local cops to ruin my reputation. I'm not even kidding. The incumbents used people like 'NFL baby' Timothy Spikes and David Robinson's nephew Raheem Robinson to deplete my bank account and torture me. These hired delinquents would even sleep-deprive me. You know what this 'virus hoax' allegedly comes down to? They're doing anything they can to try to deny me of having a platform at all. I feel as if all of this sudden drama is not only a huge big-tech agenda they're pushing, but also to keep me from spreading the word in-person about my Campaign and their crimes. They're that desperate to keep me poor. You've also got to wonder why an ex-Secret Service agent during the Great Obama Depression is so Pro-Trump, yet won't even acknowledge me at all? You've also got to wonder why him and his Podcast are doing so well, while we are all left in despair? He's constantly on the news. The real sickness is what these politicians aren't telling you about themselves. They 'allegedly' have a 'secret-life' that would get them publicly lynched. Did you know that Trump helped his pedophile extraordinaire buddy Epstein escape a prison sentence? Just look how quickly they covered up the podcast listed below with the 'sudden pandemic' of this 'Corona virus.'"

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Chance Trahan

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