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Dear President Biden and Officials

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President Biden, I have on multiple occasions shared Anti Pollution information with you and your political associates on all levels. On no occasion did you or anyone else on your behalf communicate or acknowledge receipt of my concerns.

WASHINGTON - eTradeWire -- Your fellow politicians have refused to address viable solutions. With that being said, I hope you or your Associates will read this letter via email or the Internet and take proper actions. As an Independent voter and Citizen of the USA I along with many other feel you may be improperly addressing Global Warming and the current Pollution issue that confronts all of us on planet Earth.

Your desire to implement Electric vehicles by 2030 then 2050 although with good intentions may be too late. Pollution is today's issue and should be address accordingly. With every gallon of Diesel fuel omitting +/-22 lbs of Carbon Dioxide and every gallon of Gasoline omitting +/-19 lbs of Carbon Dioxide, why are you and your associates ignoring issues confronting us today when multiple low cost proven solutions are available?

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Electric is not a bad goal once it is improved both in the production and use on vehicles. A +/-300 mile range is unacceptable. Commercial Trucks, Buses and individual vehicles all require more.

Once again as a concerned citizen and pollution educator I volunteer to assist sharing working solutions like the ECO Fuel System who I have gotten involved with. Why wouldn't you and your associates be interested in reducing 40% to over 70% of Carbon Pollution/Particulates, NOx and Greenhouse Gases, TODAY? This guaranteed opportunity can last 20+ yrs. It has been successfully installed on tens of thousands of private and public concerns including United States vehicles. US Border Patrol/Homeland Security, NASA and the US Army to name a few use it

Spending Trillions of Dollars on a complete changeover that may take decades may not be a prudent expenditure of Tax dollars, inflation is another concern. Diesel and Gasoline motors may be around for decades working for the benefit of our country and citizens. Why don't you and your associates focus on addressing current problems, so we will have a tomorrow?

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Electric may be the future but according to Forbes "Dirty Secrets of Clean Electric Vehicles" the production and powering of Lithium batteries may create 74% more Carbon pollutants than a conventional vehicle does in +/-3 years. Much still needs to be done.

I implore you and our elected Government Officials on all levels to think and act logically, before it is too late. For a few hundred dollars (+/-$395) utilizing the ECOFuelMax pollution solution will make an immediate difference.

For more information call, go online (https://ecofuelmax.com/) or email your request today. GO GREEN – Burn Clean!

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