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Daily Roller: Celebrating 9 Years of Impactful Cannabis Lifestyle Branding

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Empowering Cannabis Consumers to Embrace the New Normal, Daily Roller

CHICAGO - eTradeWire -- Daily Roller®, the trailblazing up and coming independent cannabis-inspired lifestyle brand, is proud to announce its 9th anniversary celebration and its continued mission to break down the negative social stigmas associated with cannabis consumption. With its recent Smoke Responsibly Social event and its ongoing commitment to community-building, Daily Roller® is making significant strides in the cannabis industry.

Daily Roller® is gaining recognition as a leading cannabis lifestyle brand after 9 years since its humble beginnings in a college apartment. With its flagship website, DailyRoller.com, and a growing presence in the cannabis community, Daily Roller® is establishing itself as an impactful and influential brand. The recent milestone Smoke Responsibly Social event, which featured Illinois NORML Executive Director Margo Vesely, showcased the brand's commitment to responsible cannabis consumption and community engagement.

Daily Roller®'s inspiration lies in combining culture and experiences to establish a community for cannabis consumers who are not comfortable being identified as stoners. The brand appeals to legal cannabis enthusiasts of all levels across the world, medical marijuana patients, pro-cannabis consumers, daily consumers of cannabis, cannabis advocates, and individuals with a good sense of humor.

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Daily Roller®'s efforts are continuously rolling forward. The recent milestone Smoke Responsibly Social event took place on May 28th, 2023, with many more events planned through November 14th, 2023. The brand is committed to expanding its reach and impact by exploring collaborative activations and virtual platforms, including Clubhouse (@DailyRoller) and Instagram Live broadcasting (@smokeresponsiblysocial).

The heart of Daily Roller®'s operations is Chicago, IL, where the brand hosts its monthly in-person cannabis community social, Smoke Responsibly. However, the brand is not limited to a single location, and discussions are underway to expand the Smoke Responsibly Social to new venues. DailyRoller.com serves as the central hub for all brand activities and purchases, allowing customers worldwide to access the brand's offerings.

Daily Roller® recognizes the growing number of cannabis brands and the increasing complexity faced by everyday consumers in navigating the ever-changing landscape of cannabis laws, research, and products. Smoke Responsibly Social provides a platform for the cannabis community to connect, share knowledge, and stay informed. Through meaningful dialogue and collaboration, Daily Roller® aims to empower cannabis enthusiasts and drive positive change in the industry.

To join the Smoke Responsibly Social or explore Daily Roller®'s offerings, visit DailyRoller.com and click on the Smoke Responsibly Social tab. Customers can find information about upcoming events, RSVP, and participate in these engaging and informative social gatherings. Additionally, customers can browse and purchase products from the Daily Roller® collection, including the highly sought-after Free Cannabis socks, by visiting the website.

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Founded in Indiana in 2014, a state with cannabis prohibition, Daily Roller® faced numerous obstacles in its early years. The lack of knowledge and experience in operating an ambitious impact-focused organization posed challenges, but the brand persevered. Relocating to Chicago, IL in 2018, Daily Roller® embarked on a new journey to establish itself in a new territory, working tirelessly to become recognized and create a lasting impact.

Daily Roller® invites cannabis enthusiasts, advocates, and curious minds to join the movement and embrace the new normal. With its innovative approach, commitment to community, and continuous growth, Daily Roller® is shaping the cannabis industry one roll at a time.


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