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Customersatisfaction.com Is Endorsing Just One Company At A Time

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BBB Wants Everyone to Sign-Up. Ditto for Yelp. Not Us. That's Our Edge.

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. - eTradeWire -- What would you think of a business that limits its customer base to just a few companies?

It would be limiting profits, correct? That's not what ordinary businesses do.

Almost every business has at least a secret desire to be huge. "Billions and Billions" served, boasts McDonald's.

Well, Customersatisfaction.com isn't your typical company. Its business model is to identify only the best customer service providers in a given sector or location, and to celebrate their success.

So, if there are 50 heating and air conditioning companies in a given area, it is accepting just one to endorse.

Dr. Gary Goodman, its president, explains it this way.

"If everyone rates a trophy, it's nothing special. BBB wants infinite companies to sign up for its approval. Ditto for Yelp. Not us. Our endorsements are special."

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An "origin story" explains Customersatisfaction.com's logic.

Goodman, a celebrated international consultant and best-selling author, had just finished a 10-month project for a Fortune 100 company. A month later on a business flight, a fellow started a conversation. He was a senior officer of a company that competed against Goodman's client.

"Why don't you come to work for us?" the executive asked. Goodman politely said his project gave his client a proprietary edge and he didn't want to dull that.

"But you didn't sign an exclusive with them, did you?" the fellow insisted.

"No, but why would I help them and then hurt them?" Goodman asked.

Customersatisfaction.com provides several services. All of them aim to confer a distinctive competitive edge.

For more information about Customersatisfaction.com's endorsements, contact Dr. Gary Goodman at: gary@customersatisfaction.com or at: (818) 970-GARY (4279).

Dr. Gary S. Goodman

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