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Criminal Behaviors Due to Stealth Adapted Virus Infections May be Reduced With KELEA Activated Water

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SOUTH PASADENA, Calif. - March 16, 2019 - eTradeWire -- Stealth adapted virus infections of the brain can explain the growing violence occurring throughout the world. These viruses are not effectively recognized by the cellular immune system and, therefore, fail to evoke inflammation [1].  Public health officials have been reluctant to acknowledge the existence of these viruses. Contributing to this disregard is the evidence that some stealth adapted viruses have unequivocally originated from monkey virus contaminated polio vaccines [2]. Moreover, the experimental testing of contaminated polio vaccines in chimpanzees had likely led to the formation of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and the AIDS epidemic [3].

      Virus induced mental illnesses are not only devastating to patients but can diminish the natural empathy that instills humane respect for others. The fear of the consequences of criminal actions can also be greatly diminished by brain damage. Mentally impaired individuals can be easily misled by propaganda, even to the extreme of being willing to sacrifice their own life.

      The medical responsibility for mental illness is largely the task of psychiatrists. Yet by training, psychiatrists are predisposed to see illnesses as neurochemical disorders best treated with pharmaceuticals. Conventional virologists also do not have the perspective of treating patients beyond boosting the immune system and/or inhibiting active virus replication with pharmaceuticals. Stealth adapted viruses provide a continuing drain on cellular energy resources and are best treated using energy-based remedies [4].

      A major paradigm shift in medicine is the realization that cells obtain energy through an alternative cellular energy (ACE) pathway. This source of energy differs from that derived from the metabolism of food. It is induced by an external energy force termed KELEA (kinetic energy limiting electrostatic attraction).  The fundamental role of KELEA in Nature is, presumably, to prevent the fusion and annihilation of electrostatically-attracted opposite electrical charges. In support of this contention, KELEA has been shown to loosen the intermolecular hydrogen bonding between fluid molecules [5].

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      The fluctuating electrical activity of the brain and probably muscles can presumably attract KELEA into the body [6]. The enormous increase in manmade electromagnetic radiation has arguably reduced the environmental levels of KELEA [7]. Further reductions in the amount of energy received into the body can be a consequence of various forms of brain damage, including that caused by stealth adapted viruses.

       KELEA provides an added dynamic (kinetic) activity to the body's fluids in support of the ACE pathway [8]. The ACE pathway acts as an important defense mechanism against infectious diseases, with several major advantages in comparison to the immune system [9]. One obvious advantage is the ACE pathway's capacity to suppress stealth adapted viruses. The ACE pathway can also contribute to the energy requirements of brain cells and muscles, thereby enhancing their KELEA attracting capacity [10].

        Various methods are available to enhance the ACE pathway [11].  These methods should be immediately tested in patients with mental illnesses. A proven clinical approach is to use KELEA activated water. Water can be easily activated by being placed near various devices with repetitive on-off electrical switching. Dipolar compounds can also be used to attract KELEA into regular water, possibly acting in an oscillatory manner. The compounds can be removed by decanting, filtration or progressive dilutions.

        Current protocols involve either the consumption of approximately 500 ml daily of activated water or merely placing one or two small containers of activated water, referred to as wearable waterceuticals, onto the body for several hours each day. Initial benefits are anticipated within several days. These and other investigational protocols should be especially welcomed in communities with elevated rates of criminal behaviors. Clinicians and research centers interested in assisting with clinical studies should visit http://glacialblue.org and send inquiries to wjohnmartin@ccid.org

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